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Steps to hyperspace. 0 A Point – (0D) No dimension.

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1 Steps to hyperspace

2 0 A Point – (0D) No dimension

3 1 A Line 1D – Move a Point (0D) - Length

4 2 A Plane – Square (2D) – Rotate a Line (1D) around a Point (0D) by 90° Length and Width

5 3 A Space - Cube (3D) – Rotate a Plane (2D) around a Line (1D) by 90° Length, Width, Height

6 4 A HyperSpace - HyperCube (4D) – Rotate a Cube/Space (3D) around a Plane (2D) by 90°

7 Unfolding a Cube and Hypercube A Square unfolds to be 4 lines, a Cube unfolds to be 6 squares, a Hypercube unfolds to be 8 cubes. (and a hyper-hyper cube unfolds into 10 hypercubes) For a fun literary read And He Built a Crooked House by Robert Heinlein

8 Another view of the process 2 3 4 5

9 More Hypercubes


11 Disclaimer Aloha I put together these power points for use in my science classes. You may use them in your classes. Some images are public domain, some are used under the fair-use provisions of the copyright law, some are mine. Copyright is retained by the owners! Ted Brattstrom

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