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T3 Broadcast Introduction to Module 2 January 15, 2002

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1 T3 Broadcast Introduction to Module 2 January 15, 2002

2 Agenda zOverview of Application Module zOngoing Projects zNew Projects zChange in Schedule

3 Overview In this module youll apply the skills that you developed in module 1. zTechnology integration zClassroom implementation zAssessment and evaluation zMaintenance and troubleshooting

4 Overview (contd) zContact: your learning will involve weekly independent or small group research on a given topic zApplication: youll plan and document weekly application in the classroom zPortfolio: show continuing evidence of learning and application

5 Overview (contd) zCulminating project will be required for Module 2 and 3 zAssignments will be different for the different tracks zSchedule: from f2f to more independent

6 Overview Your learning Your classroom application Standards & Assessment Moving your school 1 2 3

7 Small Group Discussion Take 5 minutes to answer the discussion question.

8 Ongoing Projects zClassroom Website 1.Communication tool 2.Learning tool 3.Publishing tool zRequired Components-track specific zCheckpoints-3 zPeer Evaluation-at hands-on after each checkpoint zWebsite Rubric for Assessment

9 Ongoing Projects zClassroom Teacher Components 1.About the Teacher 2.About the Class 3.For the Students 4.For the Parents & other Visitors 5.For the Teacher

10 Ongoing Projects zSupport Staff Components 1.About Me 2.About the Services 3.For Primary Users of Services 4.For Secondary Users of Services or Other Visitors 5.For Me

11 Ongoing Projects zComponents for Tech Coordinators 1.About the Tech Coordinator 2.About the Technology 3.For the Technology Users 4.For the Parents & Other Visitors 5.For the Tech Coordinator

12 Ongoing Projects Staff Development- zDevelop and implement a 2-3 hour training for staff at your school zCollaborate in small groups zUse website to communicate, learn, & publish zCreate a training website that others can use

13 Ongoing Projects zStaff Development Process 1.Standards for Staff Development 2.Planning Template 3.Website components 4.Assessment component 5.Evaluation component 6.Self-evaluation

14 Ongoing Projects zStaff Development Checkpoints y#1-February 2nd Planning Template should be complete and date for training selected y#2-February 21st-Progress check. Prior to training-all tasks should be completed in development of module (includes website) y#3-March 2nd-self assessment on what remains to be completed-How will we pull it all together by March 16th? y#4-March 16th-Assess your project with Project Rubric

15 Ongoing Projects zLearning Results Portfolios yRequired Components ySelf-selected Components yCarry-over Productivity Tools examples that have been implemented yMust have captions and reflections

16 Ongoing Projects zReflective Journals zWill continue on a monthly basis zNeed to document your Tool Kit implementation as part of the Application section.

17 Small Group Discussion zTake 5 minutes to jot down any questions that you would like to have answered about the ongoing projects zClass Website zStaff Development zLearning Results Portfolio zReflective Journals

18 New Projects zTool Kit-to document implementation in your classroom on a WEEKLY basis yImage of your Tool Kit showing the resources that you have available to you yPlan for implementation yAssessment and evaluation of what you did yInclude 3 samples in your Portfolio xTeaching xLearning xBehind the scenes

19 New Projects zTechnology Scenario yStarting Points yWritten Paper with citations yHyperStudio multimedia vision ySelf-Assessment yEvaluation of two other projects

20 Small Group Discussion zTake 5 minutes to jot down any questions you have about New Projects. zAfter broadcast send an e-mail message with all of your group questions to Debi with a cc: to Diana

21 Change in Schedule zMoving from extensive hands-on to small group zHands-on after broadcast (mandatory) zSmall group at site of choice zIndependent

22 Project URLs zStaff Development: 02/dpapini/staffdv/desc.html 02/dpapini/staffdv/desc.html zClassroom Website: zTool Kit: 02/application/toolkit.htm 02/application/toolkit.htm zTechnology Scenario: 02/application/techscenario.htm 02/application/techscenario.htm

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