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We Went to the Moon Counters to the evidence that we never went to the moon. What They Claim & The Truth.

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1 We Went to the Moon Counters to the evidence that we never went to the moon. What They Claim & The Truth

2 Most of the information in this PowerPoint came from and Conspiracy theorists claim that NASA / the USA never sent people to the moon – and to back up their ideas, they put forth a number of facts which they dont support adequately, and their inferences can be shown to be false.

3 The Issues Waving Flag Stars in the pictures Multiple light sources / weird shadows Fiducial Marks Exhaust crater All pictures are perfect The Issues not spoken of What would the secrecy really take! What about the Russians?

4 Stars Why are there no stars in the pictures??? That Proves its fake!!! Go out tonight, in the WalMart parking lot – take a picture of your car and friends standing around it. WoW – no Stars!!! When you expose an image for the people – on Earth or the Moon – the shutter closes too fast to image the stars.

5 Earth in UV from A16 on the moon

6 The Flag People say, if there is no air, how can the flag wave Look carefully – the flag is very straight at the top – it is held horizontal at the top by a stick! It was folded up originally, and the astronauts unfolded it. Instead of completely straightening it, they left it a little rumpled. It ALWAYS has the same ripples!!!

7 Waving flag See the stick at the top?

8 Perfect images Some people say that all the images are perfect, and that proves it was faked. Those people just havent looked at ALL the images – while a lot are good (the astronauts did a lot of practice on Earth) – a number are not great. You can see copies of them ALL at UH Manoa – POST Building.

9 Not all images taken on the moon are perfect!! Tilt / cut off!

10 Fiducial marks To help analysts later, the cameras had marks etched in them, these are called Fiducial marks In some images, the marks seem to fade behind the object being photographed. This is due to the chemistry of photography – when the contrast change is high, you can get some bleed over.

11 Fiducial marks

12 When something is real bright, the film bleeds around the small dark bits.

13 Shadows – its NOT Flat!!! Some people look at the shadows and freak out – different angles, different lengths It all has to do with the fact that the ground is not flat under them. There are small craters that can change the way we see the shadows. As well as the angles.

14 Shadow and helegeschein Cool glow around the shadow of the head of the astronaut!

15 The ground is not flat or level

16 Shadows and Flag WoW! The shadows are different lengths! That PROVES it was faked and they used 2 lights. (uhh, if they used 2 lights wouldnt you see 2 shadows per person?) Its just the fact that there is a slope!!!

17 Lighting issues –No stars –You can see on the dark side When you expose for bright, the faint stars dont appear There is enough reflection from the surface to fill in the back

18 Put them together!! C rock Fiducial mark Tire marks

19 C-rock blow up of the print used to make other prints! Someone brushed their hair! This hair is not on the original transparency!

20 Exhaust Crater? No crater from the exhaust! (well, not much) When you do the calclulations, the force is small per unit area, and not a lot of dust was carried away!

21 Mystery? Mystery shadow on the moon Taken in orbit!! E is the RCS thruster #3 is the terminator

22 A great Image!!! Waving flag? (see the stick?) Where is Youngs shadow? Whats up here?? (hint – John Young is!) Camera taking star pictures

23 Cone 3D

24 Landed Apollo 11TranquilitatisArmstrong / Aldrin Apollo 12Ocean of Storms Bean / Conrad Apollo 14Fra MauroShepard / Mitchell Apollo 15HadleyScott / Irwin Apollo 16DescartesYoung / Duke Apollo 17Taurus-LittrowCernan / Schmidt



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