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This is For Anyone who thinks…. Reading Literature And Information Literacy Is important.

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1 This is For Anyone who thinks…

2 Reading Literature And Information Literacy Is important

3 This is for you

4 Who needs a… School Library Media Specialist?

5 Scenarios

6 Looked for information…. But never found Frustration Wasted time and effort

7 I finally found it!! ….apply scanning tunneling microscopy to laterally nanostructured materials obtained by using SPM-based nanofabrication based on strong mechanical electronical interaction between probe tip and..

8 So what? I dont understand it

9 !!*&^%$ computer Presentation

10 Isnt there anyone who can help me?

11 Hey mom….hey dad… I need a book on purple dinosaurs..

12 Why didnt you get a book at school?

13 Public libraries Closed – due to budget cuts Collections –General Public –– broad –School – tailored to specific curriculum needs of students

14 Ever lose a position due to budget cuts? Where does the extra work go?

15 Full plate…. teachers have the time and energy ensure collections contain …. latest and best resources?

16 Teahers will remove outdated material from the library

17 Surf Internet 0 or 10,000 search results

18 Teachers & Parents 180 hours University of Hawaii to effectively teach basic database searching Cost $600/person

19 Take turns.. Man the library 7:15 – 8:00 a.m. RecessLunch After school Temporary

20 The other option… Library closed

21 Who will select what your child reads? volunteer….. different agenda

22 Volunteer…. beliefs…. religion…. lifestyle

23 Intellectual freedom American Library Association seek and receive information from all points of view all expressions of ideas

24 Would you shop at a store… That has no sales clerks? Business no people Hospital No doctors Library no librarians

25 a classroom… that has no teacher

26 A library is … A classroom A librarian is a teacher

27 So why send you child To an empty library?

28 Back to our single question. Should we have a Librarian Media Specialist?

29 Beyond Technology Questioning, Research and the Information Literate School By Jamie McKenzie, Ed.D. Copyright:2000

30 ?

31 ?? ???? ???? ?? ??????????????? ????????????????????????????? ??????????? ??? ?????????????? ????????????????? ??? ???????? ????? ??? ??????? ??? ??????????

32 Essential ? How do we cope … with a shrinking budget? What does it mean to be …. a school with no librarian? What kind of people …. shall our children be?

33 Subsidiary ? Take essential questions break down into small questions provide insight 2

34 -Essential question – Do we have a school where our children have no access to a school librarian media specialist? -Subsidiary ?. -Potential benefits -Obstacles to overcome -Available resources? -Who is involved?

35 Potential Benefits Savings pennies But at the cost of losing …. Our childrens literacy? Subsidiary ?

36 Neil K. Duke Mean of 3.6 minutes per day spent reading in 1 st grade class room –Reading Research Quarterly 35 (2000)

37 Anne McGill-Franzon Simply providing teachers with a generous supply of childrens books had little effect on the educational outcomes of students Putting Books in the Classroom Seems Necessary But not Sufficient. The Journal of Educaiton Research 1993 (2) 67-74

38 Stephen Krashen (5) : Literacy is a problem to throw money at …pour money into library books …Make sure they get read

39 Potential Benefits 100 years of research Free voluntary reading - lots of it Best predictor of 7 essential achievement basics: Comprehension, spelling, grammar, vocabulary Writing style, verbal fluency, general knowledge Subsidiary ? National Assessment of Educational Progress 2000 US Federal Government

40 Hypothetical ? Suppose….What if… Whats the worst / best that might happen? 3

41 Worst that could happen.. Children go to the library less read less Childrens books = 50% more rare words than adult prime-time TV Loertscher, David. Reinventing Your Schools Library in the Age of Technology 2002

42 Best that could happen Keeping a Librarian Media Specialist: –Avid readers –Strong research skills –Positive impact on raising students achievements –Teachers have a collaboration partner Ontario School Library Association 2002 Hypothetical

43 Best that could happen Children – can read Students - Information literate Employees - Problem-solve and propose solutions Hypothetical

44 Telling ? Precise, quantifiable Percentages % Statistics

45 Improve student achievement Achieve standardized test scores 15% – 20% higher than schools without a library media specialist (1) Ontario School Library Association

46 National Education Association Task force on Reading 2000 14 states cant be wrong Scholastic Research & Results. School Libraries WorkAccessed

47 Consistant results (6) Full time certified Library Media specialist High Reading Test scores –Iowa (2002)Missouri (2003) –Colorado (2000)New Mexico (2002) –Massachusetts (2002) North Carolina (2003) –Michigan (2003)Oregon (2001) –Florida (2002)Pennsylvania (2000) –Texas (2001)Alaska (1999) –Minnesota (2003) Scholastic Research & Results. School Libraries WorkAccessed

48 Also discovered… large collection of reading material in the school library …. is NOT enough to generate high academic achievement by students increase reading scores… Staffed with qualified school librarians Scholastic Research & Results. School Libraries WorkAccessed

49 Planning ? Which medium will provide: the most reliable and relevant information A speedy discovery process with optimal efficiency? 5

50 Internet

51 Clarification ? Mountain of information block rather than promote understanding

52 Internet Quality Control cesspool of waste Strategic ? American Library Association

53 Info-glut and data smog Pertinent and useful Opinions vs facts Reliable from the unreliable Beyond Technology – Jamie McKenzie

54 Internet Quality Control Doesnt Exist Race relations from Klan sites Strategic ? American Library Association

55 Whos going to help your child Recognize propaganda, bias distortion Beyond Technology – Jamie McKenzie

56 Why the Internet is no substitute for a librarian 1) Not Everything Is on the Internet over one billion Web pages only about 8% of all journals are on the Web, and an even smaller fraction of books are there very few substantive materials on the Internet are free.. Strategic ? American Library Association

57 Internet vs Librarian Internet searches limited –Here are 10 articles on Native Americans. We have 40 others but were not going to let you see them –Need to go through several search engines Strategic ? American Library Association

58 States Can Now Buy One Book and Distribute to Every Library on the Web Vendors delivering e-books allow only one digitized copy per library. If you check out an e-book over the Web, I cant have it until you return it. if youre late getting the book back, its charged to your credit card automatically Strategic ? American Library Association

59 Virtual electronic library California Polytechnic State University Worlds highest concentration of engineers and computer geeks, explored the possibility for two years. Their solution? traditional library with a strong digital Media Librarian Strategic ? American Library Association

60 Only need whats written in the past 15 years? Vendors offering magazine access routinely add a new year while dropping an earlier one.

61 Internet It is not a librarian teacher tool

62 Clarification ? What does temporary mean? How was the case developed for eliminating a position? Who made this suggestion? Based on what data?

63 What have others tried before? What worked and didnt work? Strategic Questions

64 Why are charter Schools Lagging?... "Almost no charter school employs librarians or media specialists, Howard Nelson, senior associate director of the American Federation of Teachers 10/1/2004 -- School Library Journal

65 Is this good enough?

66 Probing ? never satisfied - enough to get by never stop investigating Desmond Morris

67 Deep thinkers Translate infer apply what is learned

68 Student Questions & wonders Consumes & absorbs Think & create Summarize & conclude communicate Reflect Find & sort Reinventing Your Schools Library (3)

69 Sorting and sifting ? Whats worth keeping?

70 Strategic Questions What do you do next?

71 Perfect opportunity Fight to keep librarian media specialist for your children in our schools Work together to help raise funds

72 Unanswerable How would life be different if… How will you be remembered?

73 Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation." -- Walter Cronkite, broadcaster

74 Bibliography 1) Ontario School Library Association, 2)McKenzie, Jamie, Ed.D. Beyond Technology: questioning, Research and the Information Literate School FNO Press, Bellingham, WA, 2002 3)Loertscher, David. Reinventing Your Schools Library in the Age of Technology Hi Willo Research and Publishing c 2002 4)U.S. Federal Government, National Assessment of Educational Progress, c 2000 Accessed on the Internet at: on Nov. 19, 2004 5)Krashen, Stephen. The Power of Reading Libraries Unlimited, 1993 6)Scholastic Research & Results. School Libraries WorkAccessed on the Internet at: on 19 Nov. 2004 7)Clip Art from MicroSoft Power Point

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