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IC3: Key Applications/BPA 2008 Quarter Curriculum.

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1 IC3: Key Applications/BPA 2008 Quarter Curriculum

2 1 st things 1 st … 1.Rules/Procedures 2.Syllabus 3.Check Blackboard login/passwords 4.Pre-typing Test (45 wpm)

3 Next, 1.Give Certiport login/passwords 2.Get and take Benchmark Pre- test 3.Homework: Get USB (512 Mb min.), syllabus signed returned, CP Pre-test done

4 Assign Project #1: Draw/Paint 1.Tie in CTE Standards (BPA- College, Career, Personal Goals) with NETS*S Standards 2.Teach also: Basic Deskstop, Taskbar, Start Menu, Control Panel, Printscreen, Internet Menu functions. (1 week due)

5 Assign Project #2: MS Excel 1.Choose and Compare Three College choices 2.Teach also: Excel functions, some formulas from IC3 test, chart, page setup, IC3 Mentor 100% (1 ½ weeks due)

6 Assign Project #3: MS Word 1.In partners, create each others Resume 2.Teach also: Explorer Menu, Ergonomics, Typing Drills, MS Word Functions, Website Evaluation (1 ½ weeks due)

7 Assign Project #4: MS Power Point 1.Present Projects #1- 3 (10-15 year pathway) (click and see PPoint) 2.Teach also: MS PP functions, typing drills, Internet Safety. (1 ½ weeks)

8 Back 2 Testing… 1.Review week: Go over ALL functions of the four applications (see left) 2.Get and do Benchmark Post- Test in Class (1-day) 3.Hmwk: Finish Mentor 100%

9 IQ Systems 45? Test 1.Individual (In class: 1-2 times; day) 2.Class (Game: Challenge other periods for highest score; day) 3.Partner (In class: 1-2 times; day)

10 1-2 day Testing 1.Selected students to take State exam (Demonstrated proficiency in projects, knowledge of KA, or 75% or higher) 2.Rest of Ss take 45? Test individual

11 Last day… 1.ATRB survey 2.Post-Typing Test 3.Teacher Evaluation 4.Scavenger Hunt Game?: (Email answers through Blackboard: groups of 4 5.Complete undone work

12 All in One Quarter… (Kui Ramos, IC3 L1 Certified)

13 IC3: KA Pre-Assessment (NETS*S)

14 Pre-Typing (45 wpm)

15 50% out of 105; 82% out of 54

16 20% out of 98; 81% out of 16

17 Other Things to Know… 1.ESL and alike solid on IC3 Pre/Post Tests, Projects, not 45? IQ due to Reading Comprehension 2.Make a Well-rounded Computer individual (8 th grader) prepared for High school


19 MaHaloS Lotus if any… SHOootttssss

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