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English Law-Civil War Exam Review Mr. Williamson Lincoln HS.

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1 English Law-Civil War Exam Review Mr. Williamson Lincoln HS

2 Format 13 Multiple Choice Questions at 3 Points each – 39 points 7 Matching at 3 points each – 21 points 4 Identifications at 3 points each – 12 points 1 of 2 essays Essay – SHORT, 2 paragraphs required, can do more if you feel it is necessary/time allows. 80 points total

3 Theme 1 First significant move toward democracy in England? Common Law? What is it? Magna Carta, Petition of Right, English Bill of Rights – know what they are, what they state… Why was Parliament created? How is it divided? What powers did it have? Divine Right/Constitutional Monarchy? What is the difference?

4 Theme 2 Habeas Corpus, What is a commonwealth? What was the Restoration? Who began the constitutional Monarchy? Oliver Cromwell? Who was he?

5 Theme 3 Rule of law, limited government, consent of the governed, due process, democracy, individual liberty – see your handout! James II – who was he? Why was he unpopular? What was the Glorious Revolution? Why did they call it that?

6 Essay Topic Choice of 2, must do 1, 2 paragraphs ▫Discuss the concepts of Rule of Law, Limited Government, Due Process, Individual Liberty and Consent of the Governed as key concepts within the democratic political system. Explain how each support democratic ideals and principals. ▫What is the importance of the English Bill of Rights? How are they similar to the US Bill of Rights? Explain the meaning of at least two concepts discussed in the English Bill of Rights and how they translate to the US Constitution.

7 Sample Questions In order for the constitutional monarchy system to begin, what document required a signature from the ruling monarchy? A. Magna Carta B. Petition of Right C. Parliament D. English Bill of Rights

8 Sample Questions Why were citizens unhappy with Cromwell’s reign? A. They enjoyed the new freedoms provided to them B. He required absolute obedience and support C. He closed down schools and the Church of England D. He reopened bankrupt theaters

9 Sample Questions What was the major theme or concept of the Magna Carta? A. Kings increased their power of their subjects B. The king now had to follow the laws of the land C. Nobles and common people increased their support of the king D. The king was now more popular than ever

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