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Properties of Matter. Physical Properties Chemical Properties.

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1 Properties of Matter

2 Physical Properties Chemical Properties

3 Physical Properties Mass Color Melting Point Boiling Point Density State (at normal conditions)

4 States of Matter Density Energy/Temperature Plasma Gas Liquid Solid Neutronium Black Hole

5 Transitions (a physical Change) Gas CondensationVaporization Boil Liquid SolidifyMelt Freeze Solid

6 Physical Change

7 Mixtures Heterogeneous Homogeneous Solution Mixtures can vary in composition / amount

8 Separation of Mixtures Using Physical Methods / Physical Properties Salt and pepper Salt and sand Water and salt Water and Alcohol –distillation


10 Elements and Compounds Matter Mixture of Substances Substance ElementCompound Homogeneous mixture Heterogeneous mixture (solution, uniform) (nonuniform, layers, phases) (Definite Composition) (Variable Composition)

11 Elements and Compounds So Whats the difference between Elements and Compounds Compounds – Made of 2 or more Elements - Can be chemically separated Elements – only one type of substance

12 Is it important??? Well, getting some definitions straight is good… And, it lets you know what kinds of things might go on… Like, what happens when you had Sodium and Chlorine – or Sodium to Water?

13 Chemical Reaction OK – what happens when you put Na with Cl2? 2Na + Cl 2 -> 2 NaCl Reactants -> Products Cool, a poison plus a poison makes salt – not a poison!



16 How do you know its a Chemical Reaction? Energy is Absorbed (cools) or Released (gives off heat) Light! (sound) Color change Gas formed, Solid formed (precipitate) Not easily reversible (are there exceptions to these… well, yes)

17 Conservation of Mass Conservation of Energy In a chemical reaction* – matter cannot be created nor destroyed In a chemical reaction* - Energy cannot be created nor destroyed

18 Hold on – what about atomic bombs OK – you got me – the REAL answer is Matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed – it can only change forms.

19 Baker - @ Bikini - RMI


21 Disclaimer Aloha I put together these power points for use in my science classes. You may use them in your classes. Some images are public domain, some are used under the fair-use provisions of the copyright law, some are mine. Copyright is retained by the owners! Ted Brattstrom

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