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The Research Paper By Fred E. Nakaguma Aug. 2004.

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1 The Research Paper By Fred E. Nakaguma Aug. 2004

2 This format for the research paper is taken from Student Handbook For Precollege Science and Engineering Projects.

3 Parts of the Research Paper I Title page and Table of Contents II Introduction III Materials and Methods IV Discussion V Conclusion VI Acknowledgements VII References/Bibliography

4 Title page and Table of Contents: Allows a reader to follow the organization of the paper quickly.

5 Introduction: Set the scene for the paper. Introduces the Problem. Introduces the Hypothesis. Explanation of why the research. Expected achievements.

6 Materials and Methods: Describes in detail the methodology used to collect data, make observations, design apparatus, etc. Detailed enough to allow reader to replicate the experiment. Include photos or drawings of self- designed equipment.

7 Discussion: This is the essence of your paper. Results and conclusion should flow smoothly and logically from your data. Compare results with theoretical values, published data, commonly held beliefs, or expected results.

8 Discussion (cont.): Discuss possible errors. Variable data? Uncontrolled events? What would you do differently? What other experiments should be conducted?

9 Conclusion: Briefly summarize results. Be specific, do not generalize. Do not introduce anything already discussed.

10 Acknowledgements: Credit those who assisted you. Include individuals, businesses, and educational and research institutions.

11 References/Bibliography: List any document that is not your own. Have credit lines for all photos in the body of the report.

12 How to write Bibliographies There are two formats: Modern Language Association (MLA) American Psychological Association (APA)

13 MLA Method MLA Citation Examples Written by HCC Library. Honolulu community College Library. Mar. 6, 2004.

14 APA Method How to Document Sources in APA Style. Honolulu Community College Library. Nov. 6, 2002.

15 Bibliography: Science Service. International Rules-For Precollege Science Research/Guidelines-For Science and Engineering Fairs. Washington D.C., Science Service Education Program, 2004.

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