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Light Waves Science Quarter 1.

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1 Light Waves Science Quarter 1

2 Essential Questions How does light travel?
How does light react to different objects and substances?

3 Key Vocabulary light waves electromagnetic spectrum
angle of reflection angle of incidence reflect / reflection refract / refraction absorb / absorption

4 Light Waves Assignment
You will work in a group to: Perform experiments to demonstrate how light waves react upon hitting different objects/substances Create an informational Powerpoint about light waves

5 Movement of Light Waves
Light travels in the form of electromagnetic waves Light spreads out in all directions from its source Light travels in straight lines called rays Light travels at the “speed of light” 186,282 miles per second 299,792 kilometers per second

6 Reflection Reflection happens when light waves bounce off a surface

7 Refraction Refraction happens when light changes speeds and/or is bent (traveling from air to water)

8 Absorption Absorption of light happens when atoms in an object absorb (take in and hold) the light waves. For example: You are able to see a red apple because all of the other light waves are absorbed but red is reflected to your eyes.

9 Experiments with Light
Use the following website to conduct experiments on reflection, refraction and absorption General Electric Website:

10 Light Wave Rubric ME MP N U Light Waves
Compare and give examples of the ways light can be reflected, refracted and absorbed Compare what happens to light when it is reflected, refracted and absorbed Describe that light is reflected, refracted and absorbed Provide examples of reflection, refraction and absorption of light

11 Resources General Electric Website
(images, experiments and content reading) Sciensaurus

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