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Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom

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1 Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom

2 Need to know: Acting (Location / blue screen) Explaination is: Talking
Text Narration Voice over w/ pictures

3 King Kalakaua Forced by foreigners to sign the Bayonet Constitution
Action: Words:

4 Bayonet Constitution Hawaiian - difficult to vote due to land qualification Action words

5 Bayonet Constitution Limited the power of the king / monachy
Gave more power to the foreigners because they had the land Action: Place: Words: King reading “What happened to my power

6 Act 2: King Kalakaua death’s

7 Lilioukalani becomes queen

8 Queen Lilioukalani is frustrated by the limited power the constitution allows her.

9 Lilioukalani is trained to become queen from birth to be a very ‘powerful’ queen
She knows what she is to do but cant because of the Bayonet Constitution

10 Queen Lilioukalani decides to act.

11 Act 3 – Changing the Constitution
Queen lilioukalani tours her kingdom Her people tell her they want a new constitution

12 Act 3 – Changing the Constitution
Queen lilioukalani deciding to make it her priority to change the constitution Action: Words:

13 Queen Lili wants to action Words:
End property qualifications to allow Hawaiians to vote. Get her power back. action Words:

14 Foreigners hear that Queen Lilioukalani wants to change constitution, they form the “Committee of Safety” Action: words

15 Goal of the “Committee of Safety”
To overthrow the Queen Get annexation to America (need to explain what is annexation??)

16 Act 4 – Planned overthrow
Foreigners start their planned overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom by asking U.S. Minister Stevens to land troops in Hawaii Action: Text / voice over “Because Minister Stevens is working for the U.S., this directly implicates the U.S.

17 Act 5 – Queen Lilioukalani response
The Queen tells her cabinet that she wants to change the constitution. Cabinet refuses because of fear of foreign uprising

18 Queen Li accepts her Cabinets answer.

19 1000s of people are waiting for the good news

20 The Queen steps out on Iolani balcony to tell her people that she cannot change the constitution

21 A few disgruntled Hawaiians in the crowd voice questions and their displeasure

22 Queen Lili tells her people
Don’t get violent Things will change The crowd disperses and goes home peacefully

23 Because of the discontent that was voiced from the crowd by a few, the foreigners took this as a sign of a major uprising Used this to start the overthrow process

24 Act 6 Lorrin Thurston, leader of “Committee of Safety” requests that troops land to project Americans against ‘violent Hawaiians’

25 Act 6 Action: Hawaiians cruising, eating, lying on the beach
Music: mellow “aloha oi’

26 Action:Landing of 1000s’ of troops - toy figures fighting.
Location: Blue Screen Action:Landing of 1000s’ of troops - toy figures fighting. Music: suspenseful

27 Troops surround Iolani Palace

28 Queen gives up peacefully because she does not want bloodshed.

29 Queen’s trusted confidant:
“ We have enough people to defeat this Queen: we may win this battle, but may lose the war. Ultimately, it is not worth Hawaiian blood being split and lose of life.

30 Location: Studio Queen Lilioukalani “I surrender to the power and might of the United States knowing that the good nation of America, once they have all the evidence, will right the wrongs.”

31 Act 7 – New Government (a few weeks later after Queen’s speech)
Text: “Sanford Dole was chosen to be leader of the new provisional government in Hawaii set up by the foreigners.”

32 Sanford Dole sends ‘contingent of colleagues to America to convince America that the annexation of Hawaii would be good.

33 U.S. President Cleveland, a friend of the queen, and senses that something is not right.
Pres. Cleveland sends James Blount to investigate the overthrow.

34 James Blunt does a fair investigation by interviewing the foreigners and the queens’ supporters.

35 James Blount finds that:
the overthrow is illegal, that the U.S. was wrong to help And that the queen’s power should be reinstated.

36 President Cleveland agrees with the Blunt report and tells the provisional governent and it’s leader, Sanford Dole, to reinstate the Queen to her rightful duty.

37 Sansford Dole does not comply, refuses Pres
Sansford Dole does not comply, refuses Pres. Cleveland’s order based on the fact that hawaii is not part of American Action: messenger with post it note on his head. “We’re not part of America, so you can’t tell us what to do.”

38 Blout secretly goes to confidant
“I have a plan. The longest a U.S. president can be in power for only 8 years. We just have wait until we have a president who is willing to say yes to annexation.” Do the Dr. Evil’s laugh from Austin Powers

39 Text: a few years later, McKinley became the new president of U. S
Text: a few years later, McKinley became the new president of U.S. He readily accepted annexation with Hawaii.

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