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Hickam Elementary School Room C-16 Part Three Popping Lava By: Rebekah The lava is orange. Magma is outside lava. Lava is yellow.

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2 Hickam Elementary School Room C-16 Part Three

3 Popping Lava By: Rebekah The lava is orange. Magma is outside lava. Lava is yellow.

4 Volcano! By: Samantha Smokey, flowing, hot Erupting, making islands Cone, shield, composite

5 Volcanoes By: Sarah Steaming shooting ash Metamorphic land cinder Fountain island shield

6 Geysers By: Zachary Fire geysers holy Exploding ear to ear - wow! You should look at one

7 Volcanoes By: Shannen They are very tall They erupt with much lava Lava creates land

8 Cinder Cone By: Tanner Rocks on mountainside Dust, ash, smoke poison fills air Burning kills plants

9 Volcanoes By: Vanessa Standing big and tall Big explosion on top it Red light steaming down

10 Eruptions By: Xavier The lava is red. The volcanos smoke is black. Volcanoes make gas.

11 The Great Volcanoes By: Linz The Great Volcano It is so metamorphic, It is amazing!

12 Caption Because of time constraints (see Reflective Journal), I had to revise the cumulative project and create a new rubric. Instead of Hawaiian myths written/illustrated by partners, each student created just one slide containing their illustration (created in SkidDoodle) and inserted it into PowerPoint, where they typed their Volcano Haiku. They were instructed to use certain font colors to maintain consistency since eventually the slides would be pasted into three different presentations. Unfortunately, the fonts they used on PCs wont show up on the Macs that will be used to evaluate the presentations, so they all had to be changed. Were still not sure if the animations and sounds they selected will translate well. Students who finished early were given the task to create slide background colors that the class voted on. Once selected, I copied/pasted slides to create three separate presentations using three different slide backgrounds. Not all students completed their slides on time, so the three presentations reflect just 26 students work. Click to continue to next slide

13 Caption, continued The presentations were evaluated as a group effort. I randomly combined students slides so each presentation represents varying levels of ability. Because of that, I feel the group presentations range between Approaching Proficiency and Proficiency, according to my revised Rubric aligned with Language Arts Standards, even though a few individual haiku rank above this: ProficientApproaching Proficiency 5-7-5 syllable format established, may have a lapse Adequate title interests the reader Correct use of spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Adequate work choice keeps the reader interested Haiku makes sense, but wording is awkward. Haiku is interesting to read but doesnt state anything in a new way. 5-7-5 syllable format may have several lapses Fair title may not interest the reader Some errors in spelling, capitalization, and punctuation Vague word choice, not much of a clear image or message Haiku is hard to understand. Haiku doesnt state anything new. Click to continue to next slide

14 Caption, continued This project doesnt reflect the students true ability to use PowerPoint, since they contributed only a single slide to the groups presentation. Prior to this Haiku project, I taught them the basics of PowerPoint using Hobbies as their subject. They worked in pairs to create a six-slide presentation that, in some instances, were better than what Ive seen from upper-grade students. They inserted graphics from Print Artist and wrote short paragraphs explaining why they enjoyed their chosen hobbies. Each slide had to have an attention-getting title and interesting text. Animation, sound,and transitions were added toward the end and we all enjoyed them when they were shared with the class. Even though this project doesnt reflect it, I consider most of the students to be Proficient/Exceeds Proficiency according to my PowerPoint Project Rubric aligned w/Education Technology Standards. I had high hopes that their next project would be an original Hawaiian myth with original illustrations, but they never did have time to start it in class. Hence this simplified Volcano Haiku project, which really doesnt show what the students are capable of doing. I would love to share some of their Hobbies presentations instead, but those were never part of the original unit plan…

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