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1 Hawaiis Sunshine Law Chapter 92, Hawaii Revised Statutes.

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1 1 Hawaiis Sunshine Law Chapter 92, Hawaii Revised Statutes

2 2 Sunshine Law applies to Boards, commissions, authorities, task forces, committees If they are created by –State constitution –Statute –County charter –Rule –Executive order If they have –Supervision –Control –Jurisdiction –Advisory power

3 3 Meetings (few exceptions) are open to the public Agenda posted with Lt Gov 6 days prior to the meeting Agenda posted at meeting site Agenda mailed to whomever requests notification of meetings Site inspections are meetings No member participation by telephone

4 4 Testimony Task force must accept public testimony (oral and written) on any item on the agenda. Written testimony must be distributed to each task force member and to any member of the public who requests it. Written communication to one task force member, if it appears to be testimony, must be treated as testimony. Task force may limit oral testimony (1-3 minutes)

5 5 Discussion among task force members outside of a meeting Generally a no-no if the discussion is about task force business. Applies to face-to-face discussion, telephone conversation, written communication, fax, email.

6 6 Permitted interactions among task force members re: task force business Communication between two task force members as long as no commitment to vote is made or sought. [No serial 1-on-1 meetings] Investigations by task force members (less than a quorum) designated by the task force to investigate and report back. Discussions of routine administrative matters between two or more members with the CAS.

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