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Kohala High Electric Car Team Recipe for Roping in S-U-P-P-O-R-T.

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2 Kohala High Electric Car Team Recipe for Roping in S-U-P-P-O-R-T

3 Ideas from group discussion

4 S = Students U = Unconditional commitment P = Parents --> informed/ involved P = Partners --> expertise O = Openness--> share the struggles/successes R = Remember--> recall T = Togetherness --> Team spirit

5 Source: HECO letter to schools July 2002

6 a)Enhancing student knowledge and understanding of electric vehicle technology and to foster student literacy by providing the basis from which participating vocational and academic teams can find ways to support and promote integration and application of concepts and skills from both academic (math, science, and language arts) and vocational areas. Source: HECO letter to schools July 2002


8 Electron Marathon Projects Defining verbs & Key words Involving Enhancing Integrating Providing Development Documentation Applied Academics Opportunities

9 Support from teachers in our school Recognize their strengths Partner - return support Honor teaching requirements Keep commitment reasonable Dont expect too much Ask them how they see the fit Communicate- Keep students in line

10 How to get Community/ Business Increase awareness/ understanding Recognize their contributions constantly regardless of amount or size Have students make the calls/ visits/ Hold everybody meetings Make follow-up calls /stay in touch Thank them publicly & privately

11 What doesnt work Thinking stupid..thinking its all about you Thinking in a box Thinking its your way or no way Thinking the program wont fly without you or a mentor or a member

12 What else doesnt work Forgetting what worked before (build on the good things) Forgetting the students Forgetting the parents/ family Forgetting partners Forgetting mentors Forgetting administration Forgetting your own family

13 What does work Thinking smart…specifically respond rather than react Thinking with confidence… trust Thinking its the greatest integrated project to be involved in Thinking its okay if everythings not exactly as you want it

14 What else really works… Remember… its all about the students Remember to communicate constantly Remember the parents, partners, participants and people who just check in Remember E/M has been here for awhile and will likely still be here after you Therefore … remember to leave your program better than you arrived.

15 If you can gather good folks, good fun and good ideas … Put in Kokua to taste Equal portions of parent involvement Stir them up with enthusiasm Tenderize teens with straightforward honesty … Model keeping your word… commit to the overall learning and integration

16 S = Schoolwide = share the kuleana U = Understanding P = Paina P = Plenty of aloha O = Ohana R = Repeat : calls, visits T = Take no in stride/with grace Think smart Avoid thinking thin Remember rather than 4get


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