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1 Scyphozoa

2 Kingdom: animal Phylum: Cnidaria

3 4 orders 2 suborders 24 families 11 subfamilies 71 genera over 220 species

4 Commonly Jellyfish most live in shallow coastal waters

5 Eat mostly fish They sting there prey with stinging cells Stingers enable there prey

6 Been around sense 500 million years
They do not hunt there food swim into there stingers

7 Radial symmetry Some can be hurtful to humans but most are not harmful Not endangered

8 There are two body types Polyp and Medusa

9 Polyp is stationary Do not swim Ex: coral Medusa is not stationary Swim Ex: jelly fish

10 /scyphozoa.pdf
eum/classify/animalia/porifera/sclerospo ngiae/index.htm 35/hodin/spongesandhemichordates/spo nge2-5.html orifera.php?p=taxdetails&id=196313 cyphozoa.html

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