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Crimes Against the Person

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1 Crimes Against the Person
Chapter 9 Crimes Against the Person

2 Homicide Killing of one human being by another Criminal
Murder- done with malice – intent or acting in an extremely reckless manner (shooting into a crowd) First degree – premeditated Felony murder – killing that takes place during a felony (rape/burglary) Second-degree murder – killing done with malice but not premeditation

3 homicide Voluntary manslaughter – killing but the victim had done something to the killer that caused the killer to lose control Man walks in on adultery Involuntary manslaughter – unintentional killing Playing with a gun Negligent homicide – cause of death through negligence Failure to act with care in a situation vehicle

4 More Crime Noncriminal homicide – not a crime War/police officer
Suicide – deliberate taking on one’s own life Usually ordered to psychological treatment Illegal to help someone – euthanasia 27% 9-12 graders report thinking of suicide 6,000 a year successful 274,000 attempts

5 Assault and Battery Assault – attempt or threat to attack someone
Battery – unlawful physical contact (injury isn’t necessary) – just intent Stalking – follows or harasses someone

6 Rape Rape – unlawful sexual intercourse
Statutory rape – sex with someone who isn’t of legal age Right now it’s the action of the victim that determines rape (did she resist) Some argue it puts the rape victim on trial Stat. rape – consent does not matter if they are too young Most states it’s 16

7 rape Chastity is not a defense for rape – prostitutes can be raped
“rape shield” laws protect the victims past Acquaintance rape – (date rape) – least reported crime because it’s someone you know

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