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Exposition Introduction

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1 Exposition Introduction
Act I Exposition Introduction

2 Act I Scotland and Norway @ war Scotland wins
Macbeth and Banquo “local heroes” Witches’ predictions Macbeth 1. Thane of Glamis Banquo 1. 2. Thane of Cawdor 2. riddles 3. King of Scotland 3. Thane of Cawd = traitor he’s executed, Macbeth named new Thane of Cawdor Malcolm named next in line for King of Scotland Lady Macbeth AND Macbeth have murderous thoughts about being King. Macbeth decides he WON’T kill Duncan (he’s a cousin…Duncan’s a good king) Lady Macbeth calls him a chicken, and says, “Oh yes you will!” Macbeth says, “OK.”

3 Act II Rising action Plot complications

4 Act II Macbeth kills King Duncan Lady Macbeth plants murder weapons
Macbeth kills guards “out of rage” -- making him look heroic Malcolm & Donalbain flee -- making them look guilty Macbeth named King (Malcolm is gone, he’s a local hero, happens at his house, etc…) Macduff suspicious of Macbeth

5 Act III Turning point Point of greatest tension climax

6 Act III Revenge = Macbeth killed father, family
Banquo suspicious of Macbeth: “Thou hast it now, King, Cawdor, Glamis, all… I fear thou played most foully for it” Macbeth hires 2 murderers to kill Banquo AND Fleance 3 murderers show up = Banquo is killed, Fleance escapes (he appears guilty) BANQUET scene Macbeth haunted by Banquo’s ghost Nearly gives himself away = nearly says too much Lady makes excuses (“he’s ill”), then sends everyone home Macbeth plans to visit the witches, to ask about the future Malcolm and Macduff in England plan attack on Macbeth (with help from English King) Hearing this, Macbeth prepares for war Revenge = Macbeth killed father, family

7 Act IV Falling action Denouement Unraveling of the plot

8 Act V Conclusion Resolution

9 Act V Lady Macbeth sleepwalks “confession”
Macbeth is attacked by Macduff, Malcolm & other forces (English+deserters) Macbeth is tricked by the witches Camo C-section Lady commits suicide Macduff kills Macbeth Malcolm named King

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