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Guided Reading Activity 7-3

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1 Guided Reading Activity 7-3
Outline Section 3 Chapter 7

2 I. Roots of the Constitution
A. 1. English Bill of Rights 2. that knowledge, reason and science could improve society

3 II. The Federal System A. sharing of power between the federal and state governments. B. the Constitution

4 III. The Organization of Government
A. collecting taxes, coining money, and regulating trade. B. the Electoral College C. Supreme Court and lower federal courts D. any one branch of government from gaining too much power E. to protect the personal freedoms of its citizens

5 IV. The Constitutional Debate
A. George Washington and Benjamin Franklin B. they thought it would be government by a small, educated group of individuals C. it lacked a bill of rights

6 V. Adopting the Constitution
1. New York and Virginia – the first ten Amendments

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