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Guided Reading Activity 12-4

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1 Guided Reading Activity 12-4

2 1. nearly 100,000 2. people who came to California in search of gold in 1849 3. About half were Americans; others came from Mexico, South America, Europe, and Australia – 300 men cam from China

3 4. boomtowns 5. San Francisco 6. along a 150-mile stretch of the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mts. 7. merchants who sold goods to the miners

4 8. They were lonely places with little to do but drink, gamble, and fight. The camps lacked law and order. Murders and robberies were frequent 9. committees of concerned citizens who took the law into their own hands, acting as police, judge, jury and executioner

5 10. Agriculture, shipping, and trade expanded to meet the miners’ needs for food and other goods.
11. It soared from 20,000 in 1848 to more than 220,000 only four years later 12. California’s constitution banned slavery. Southern states objected to making it a state because it would upset the balance of free and slave states.

6 13. to fulfill their vision of an ideal society
14. Joseph Smith; Brigham Young 15. It was the largest single migration in American history 16. Deseret

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