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Guided Reading Activity 14-2

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1 Guided Reading Activity 14-2
Recalling the Facts

2 1. Each state would be allowed to decide whether to allow slavery
2. Benjamin Lundy 3. to resettle African Americans in Africa or the Caribbean 4. Liberia

3 5. to work for the country’s leading antislavery paper in Baltimore
7. The Liberator 8. immediate and complete emancipation of enslaved people

4 9. sisters from South Carolina who moved to the North to lecture and write against slavery
10. They asked for several of the family’s enslaved workers, then freed them. 12. Frederick Douglass 13. Sojourner Truth

5 14. a network of escape routes for enslaved people fleeing from the South
15. Harriet Tubman 16. The South’s way of life depended on enslaved labor

6 17. Northerners feared that formerly enslaved African Americans would take their jobs by agreeing to work for less money 18. They made arguments for having slavery

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