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Guided Reading Activity 8-1

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1 Guided Reading Activity 8-1
Chapter 8 – A New Nation The First president

2 1. April 30, 1789 – New York City 2. John Adams 3. They believed he had led them to victory in the revolutionary War 4. State, Treasury, War

3 5. a. Thomas Jefferson b. Alexander Hamilton c. Henry Knox 6. The President was given authority to dismiss cabinet members without the Senate’s approval 7. a federal court system with 13 district courts and 3 circuit courts in the nation

4 8. John Jay 9. the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution – personal liberties 10. December 1791 11. paper notes promising to repay money in a certain length of time

5 12. The South had less debt in the war; it believed it would have to pay more than its fair share
13. he agreed to a proposal to relocate the new nation’s capital in the South 14. Virginia and Maryland

6 15. a national bank, a tariff, and national taxes
16. They feared a national government with strong economic powers dominated by the wealthy class of people

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