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American History Chapter 17

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1 American History Chapter 17
Reconstruction and Its Aftermath

2 GR & RT 17-1 Reconstruction Plans
Abraham Lincoln’s Plan The state constitution had to ban slavery Do not punish the south 10% Plan Offered amnesty to all white Southerners, except Confederate leaders Granted the right to vote for some African Americans

3 Wade-Davis Bill Only white males who had never fought against the Union could vote at a states’ convention The state constitution had to ban slavery Former Confederates could not hold public office 50% of white males in a state had to swear loyalty to the Union

4 Andrew Johnson’s Plan States had to ratify the 13th Amendment
The state constitution had to ban slavery He was opposed to giving African Americans equal rights Wealthy landowners had to apply to the president personally for a pardon Restoration Only whites who had been pardoned could vote at the state’s convention

5 Terms 10% Plan - 10% of a southern white men had to pledge loyalty to the U.S. 50% Plan - Congress’s plan for southern white men

6 GR 17-2 1. Black Codes 2. They aimed to control freed African American men and women and to enable plantation owners to exploit African American workers 3. to set up special courts to prosecute individuals charged with violating the rights of African Americans

7 4. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 5. it overturned the black codes. It contradicted the Dred Scott decision 6. he said the federal government was over stepping its authority and the laws were unconstitutional because they were passed by a Congress that did not include representatives for all the states.

8 7. They had enough votes to override his vetoes
8. It passed the 14th Amendment 9. Tennessee 10. to take Reconstruction into its own hands 11. into five military districts 12. the right to vote in state elections

9 13. the Tenure of Office Act
14. He suspended secretary of War Edwin Stanton without the Senate’s approval 15. They voted to impeach, or remove, the president from office 16. when the 15th Amendment was ratified and became law in Feb. 1870

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