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Guided Reading Activity 11-3

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1 Guided Reading Activity 11-3

2 1. Why did President Jackson attack the Bank of the United States?
He thought it was run by the wealthy Easterners and ordinary citizens had no control

3 2. Who was the president of the Bank?
Nicholas Biddle

4 3. What did Jackson do when the bill to renew the Bank’s charter came to him to sign?
He vetoed it

5 4. How did Jackson “kill” the Bank once he was reelected?
He ordered the withdrawal of all government deposits from the Bank and placed the funds in smaller state banks

6 5. Whom did the Democrats select to succeed Jackson as president in 1836?
Martin Van Buren

7 6. What new political party participated in the election of 1836?
The Whigs

8 7. When did the following occur: land values fell, investments declined, banks failed, and people lost confidence in the economic system The Panic of 1837

9 8. What principle did the president believe in that caused the depression to worsen?

10 9. Whom did the Whigs nominate for president and vice-president in the election of 1840?
William Henry Harrison John Tyler

11 10. What was the Whigs’ campaign slogan?
‘Tippecanoe and Tyler, too”

12 11. What campaign symbol did the Whigs use?
A log cabin

13 12. Why did the Whigs use this symbol?
To prove that Harrison was a “man of the people”

14 13. How did the Whigs ridicule Martin Van Buren?
They called him “King Martin”, a wealthy snob who had spent the people’s money on fancy furniture for the White House

15 14. What happened four weeks after the inauguration in 1841?
Harrison died from pneumonia

16 15. Why were the Whigs outraged with John Tyler?
When he became President after Harrison’s death. Tyler lacked party loyalty. He vetoed several bills sponsored by the Whigs in Congress.

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