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American Government Chapter 25

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1 American Government Chapter 25
Section 1 Counties, Towns, and Townships

2 San Bernardino County, CA
The Counties Stats – county size EXTREMES San Bernardino County, CA 20,064 square miles Kalawao County, Hawaii 13 square miles

3 Stats – population Los Angeles County, CA 9 million people Loving County, Texas 150 people

4 Powers of Typical County Govt.
Executive Power Levy taxes Appropriate funds Legislative Power Supervising road programs Managing county property

5 Elected County Officials Titles & Job Description
Sherriff Keeps jail and furnishes police protection Clerk Registers and records documents, mortgages Assessor Appraises property Treasurer Keeps county funds Auditor Keeps financial records

6 About 2 million people throughout the U.S. work in county government
Titles & Jobs Cont. District Attorney Chief lawyer for the county Coroner Investigates deaths About 2 million people throughout the U.S. work in county government

7 Functions performed by county governments
1. keep peace 2. collect taxes 3. spend funds 4. build/repair roads & bridges 5. maintain schools 6. record deeds 7. licenses 8. etc.

8 Towns New England towns
They have been the major unit of local government for hundreds of years; its meetings are examples of direct democracy

9 Townships Differences
In NY, NJ, PA: townships where formed where people settled, so they are not uniform in shape From Ohio westward; townships are uniform in shape because they were drawn in federal public land surveys

10 Townships cont. States are divided into townships
How big is a township? 36 square miles (6 miles square) Each township is divided into sections which are each 1 mile square Sections can be divided into smaller lots (Half Section-320 acres, Quarter Sections-160 acres, Half Quarters-80 acres)

11 Jobs of Special Districts
1. provide water, sewage and electrical service 2. furnish fire and police protection 3. build and maintain libraries, parks, schools etc.

12 Terms Borough - the main unit of local government in Alaska County
- the main unit of local government in most of the U.S. Special District - an independent unit of local government Parish - the main unit of local government in Louisiana Townships - Mainly in the Midwest – counties are divided into subunits that share the duties of local government

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