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Name _________________________________________ Assignment # 2.

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1 Name _________________________________________ Assignment # 2

2 The Health Triangle There are three parts to the health triangle. Physical Health Mental and Emotional Health Social Health

3 Physical Health Physical Health includes taking care of your body parts by: Keeping your body fit. Eating a balanced diet of food. Practicing cleanliness and good hygiene. Proper sleep

4 Mental and Emotional Health Mental and emotional health includes liking and accepting who you are. Good health habits are: Expressing emotions in a healthy way. Facing life’s problems. Dealing with stress and pressure.

5 Social Health Social health includes getting along with others. Good health habits: Working or playing well in a group. Making and keeping friends. Giving and getting support.

6 Health Triangle Group Work Complete the “Our Health Group Check” sheet with your group. You may move seats to complete this work. Please remember to be respectful and listen to everyone in your group. Each group member should contribute. One person needs to be the recorder. One person needs to be the spokesperson.

7 (pass out What Influences Health? Worksheet) WHAT IS HEALTH? Health is the combination of all three sides of the health triangle; physical, mental/emotional and social health.

8 Factors That Influence Health Heredity (your DNA) Environment (surroundings) Cultural background (country of origin) Family Traditions (along with cultural background) Media (what you see and hear) Behavior (what you do)

9 Risks to Health Health risks are actions or choices that may cause injury to you or others. EXAMPLES? Cumulative risk are related risks that increase in effect with each added risk. Two ways to reduce risk include: Abstinence (don’t do it!) Prevention (know what to do BEFORE something happens)

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