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Landscape / Horticulture

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1 Landscape / Horticulture
Perennial Plant ID Landscape / Horticulture

2 Purple Coneflower Attention getting flowers, attracts birds and butterflies. Grows 2-3 ft high. Blooms steady from mid-summer to fall. Heat and drought resistant.

3 Foxglove Grows 2-4 ft tall. Blooms early to mid-summer.
Like partial shade. Blooms in bright mixed colors.

4 Perennial Salvia Blue flowers all summer.
4-8 in spikes of flowers on 2-3 ft. plants. Used for borders. Hardy and drought tolerant. Prefers full sun.

5 Butterfly Plant Fiery orange flowers attract butterflies.
Clusters of early to mid-summer blooms on 2-3 ft stems. Can withstand dry soil. Prefers full sun.

6 Giant Columbine Loved by humming birds.
Crimson, cream, yellow, and lilac. 24-36 in stems. Full sun or partial shade.

7 Painted Daisy Easily grown and colorful.
Blooms early to mid summer on 2-3 ft stems. Full sun

8 Alaska Shasta Daisy Blooms all season long.
White pedals border yellow hearts. Blooms early summer until frost. Grows 2 ft tall. Full to partial sun.

9 Sweet Pea Hardy vine climbs 4-8 ft.
Fragrant red, pink, yellow, white, or blue flowers. Blooms early summer until frost. Full to partial sun.

10 Black-eyed Susan Blooms mid-summer to frost. Grow 2 ft. tall.
Buttery yellow flowers with dark contrasting centers. Thrives in dry soil and full to partial sun.

11 Hardy Sweet Lavender Produces spiky mounds of gray-green leaves with aromatic purple flowers. Blooms early summer to early fall. 15-20 inches tall with a 18 in spread. Prefers full sun.

12 Double hollyhock Flowers fast, reseeds itself and spreads quickly.
Grows 5-8 ft. tall. Blooms all summer until frost. Prefers full to partial sun.

13 Red Mexican Hat Unique cone shaped head with fire red petals.
Blooms steady all summer. Grows 24 in tall. Prefers full sun.

14 Hardy Primrose Blooms mid-spring to early summer.
Blooms in shades of yellow, pink, purple, blue and white. Grow 9-12 in tall. Best in partial sun.

15 Hardy Carnations Fully double flowers bloom in late spring through early summer. Grows 18 inches tall. Cold hardy outdoor variety. Best in full sun.

16 Yarrow Drought resistant, thrives in poor soil.
Disk shaped yellow flowers bloom mid to late summer. Gray green fern like foliage grows 42 inches. Excellent drying flower Prefers full sun

17 Stoke’s Aster 12-24 inches high. Lavender blue flowers.
Blooms early summer to fall. Most effective when planted in groups of 3-5. Full sun.

18 Sweet William Big, flattened flower heads with a clove like scent.
White, red, and pink. Blooms late spring through early summer, grows 6 inches tall. Prefers full to partial sun.

19 Coral Bells Up to 50 flowers per stem. Red or pink bell like blossoms.
Flower late spring to early summer. 12-24 in tall. Full sun or partial shade.

20 Peonies Sweet smelling blooms cover the foliage in late spring.
Blooms late to mid summer. Prefers full sun. Forms a dense hedge 2-3 ft tall with equal spread.

21 Mums Flower from late summer until frost.
Continues to spread each year but remain inches tall. Best located in full sun, well drained soils.

22 Dwarf Lilies Compact size protects the plants from wind damage, so blossoms stay longer. Keeps color from late spring to mid-summer. Best planted in full sun, with afternoon shade.

23 Tiger Lilies Blooms mid summer on 4-5 ft stems.
Survives under even the most adverse conditions. Prefers full sun.

24 German Bearded Iris Late spring to mid summer.
Grows to inches tall. Prefers full sun, well drained soil.

25 Winter Hardy Glads No need to dig bulbs for winter storage.
Thrives anywhere. Grows inches tall. Used for mass planting or borders. Full to partial sun

26 Native Daylilies Flowers all season long by rural roads, and in farmyards. Grows 2 ft tall Does well almost anywhere.

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