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Chapter 25 American Government

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1 Chapter 25 American Government
Providing Important Services Section 3

2 Examples of State Supported Services
EDUCATION Higher Education - Establish and run universities Primary and Secondary education - fund schools - set quality guidelines - establish curricula - screen quality of materials - establish minimum length of school year

3 Public Welfare Health - Operate hospitals - Fund health programs
- immunize children - work with Federal Government administering programs Welfare - Provide aid to families for dependent children

4 Public Welfare cont. Public Safety - provide State police protection
- operate centralized offices as well as jails and prisons Highways - build and maintain roads - ensure driver and pedestrian safety - license drivers Other Services - set aside public land for recreation and conservation - regulate businesses - protect consumers

5 Terms Entitlement - anyone meeting eligibility requirements can receive benefits from state and county governments Welfare - cash assistance for the poor Medicaid - medical insurance for low income families Urbanization - the growth of cities and their suburbs

6 Chapter 25 American Government
Financing State and Local Government Section 4

7 State and Local Revenue Sources
1. sales tax – A tax on commodities i.e. gas, cigarettes 2. individual income tax – progressive tax 3. corporate income tax – progressive tax 4. property tax 5. inheritance tax – “death taxes” 6. estate tax – “death taxes” 7. severance tax 8. licenses 9. payroll tax 10. tolls 11. business enterprises 12. borrowing

8 Progressive tax – The more you make the more you pay.
Regressive tax – everyone pays the same

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