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Plant Taxonomy Horticulture.

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1 Plant Taxonomy Horticulture

2 How Plants are named Most plants have more than one common name.
For example The trout lily is also known as the tiger lily, adder’s-tongue, dog’s tooth violet, and the yellow snowdrop. The Judas tree and the redbud are the same tree but are known by these different names in different parts of the country.

3 How Plants are named Common names can be confusing, since two different plants may have the same common name. The cowslip, in New York state, is a marsh-loving, buttercup-like plant. In England it is a primrose like plant found in dry, grassy slopes. Both have yellow flowers, but, apart from that they have little in common.

4 Binomial Naming Early scholars always wrote in Latin or Greek.
This way of naming plants caused some problems. The names were often long and difficult to say. Nepeta floribus interrupte spicatis pedunculatis is the name for Catnip Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist, simplified things by developing the binomial (two-name) system. He gave each plant two Latin names as their scientific name.

5 Binomial Naming For example he renamed Catnip Nepeta cataria.
The first name is called the generic name. Plants having the same generic name belong to the genus name. The second name is known as the specific name or special name. Plants with the same specific name belong to the same species.

6 Taxonomy Taxonomy Chart Kingdom Division or Phylum Class Order Family
Genus Species Variety(cultivar)

7 Taxonomy Taxonomist Are scientists who identify and classify plants.
They use an international set of rules to ensure that every different species has a different binomial name. This set of rules is known as the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature.

8 Plant Families Related genera (plural of genus) w/ similar flower structures are grouped together into major units called families Example: Rose family, Rosaceae Prunus (plum), Fragaria (strawberry), Rubus (bramble), and Malus (apple) All have a simple flower w/ separate petals

9 The Asteraceae (aster family) is the largest of all plant families
Has 2 kinds of flowers packed together to form a single head or “flower” Outer flowers (ray flowers) may have larger or small petals Inner flowers (disk flowers) always have small petals Family includes these genera: aster, silver mound, yarrow, sunflower, mum, cineraria, and marigold

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