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Seven Dimensions of Religion

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1 Seven Dimensions of Religion

2 Experiential Have you ever had an experience in which you realized that there was more to life than meets the eye – a sacred moment ? Experiential begins with the religious experiences of the individual e.g. the Buddha Theistic – God experienced as a holy presence Non-theistic – mysticism – become one with the divine Faith generally belongs to the category of Religious Experience

3 Mythic Sources of sacred truth - take the form of sacred stories
They do not necessarily conflict with history and science, nor are they necessarily false or irrational Express Sacred Truth

4 Doctrinal The belief aspect of a religion – creeds, doctrines or teachings of the religion come from experiential come from myths What is the difference between the beliefs of a religion and faith?

5 Ethical How we are to act while living in the world e.g. the “Golden Rule”

6 Ritual Worship, taking a variety of forms and occupying much of an individual’s religious life many reenact a sacred story or myth e.g. Hajj Eucharist Seder

7 Social communal aspect of religion
Belonging to a group – such as a tribe, parish or congregation hierarchy of leadership Embodiment of spiritual perfection

8 Material Sacred architecture structures of worship, art within them,
sacred books of scripture sacred entities (mountains, cities, rivers etc.) Golden Temple of Amritsar, India – sacred to Sikhs

9 Summarizer Identify the examples of the 7 dimensions from the religion with which you are most familiar Experiential - Ritual Mythic - Social Doctrinal - Material Ethical

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