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The Wheel of Life Six Realms Divas (gods) Titans Hungry Ghosts Hell

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1 The Wheel of Life Six Realms Divas (gods) Titans Hungry Ghosts Hell
Animal Human

2 The Wheel of Life Bhava Chakra
Six Realms are an allegorical description of conditioned existence, or samsara, into which beings are reborn. Traditionally conceived as real places, but are also interpreted symbolically The nature of one's existence is determined by karma -one's human actions (good or bad) determine one's future births Life in any of these realms is ultimately impermanent—one does not suffer forever in hell, nor enjoy eternal bliss in heaven

3 The Realm of Devas (Gods) and Heavenly Beings
Enjoy great power, wealth and long life Privilege and exalted status blind them to the suffering of others They have neither wisdom nor compassion Will be reborn in another of the Six Realms

4 The Realm of Asura (Titans)
Always desiring to be superior to others, having no patience for inferiors Looking down on others, and yet outwardly displaying justice, worship, wisdom, and faith

5 The Realm of Hungry Ghosts
One who is always looking outside himself for the new thing that will satisfy the craving within himself/herself Characterized by insatiable hunger and craving Associated with addiction, obsession and compulsion

6 The Hell Realm Most terrible of the Six Realms
Have a short fuse; everything makes them angry Hell beings deal with things that make them angry through aggression Drive away anyone who shows them love and kindness and seek out the company of other hell beings Unchecked anger and aggression can cause rebirth in the Hell Realm

7 The Animal Realm Marked by stupidity, prejudice and complacency
Live sheltered lives, avoiding discomfort or anything unfamiliar People who are ignorant and content to remain so are likely headed for the Animal Realm, assuming they aren't there already.

8 The Human Realm The Human Realm is the only realm of the six from which beings may escape samsara Enlightenment is at hand in the Human Realm Rebirth into the Human Realm is conditioned by passion, doubt and desire

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