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Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 Comics & Graphic Novels Coming soon to…well… everywhere!

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1 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 Comics & Graphic Novels Coming soon to…well… everywhere!

2 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 What you need to know: The difference between comics & graphic novels is, simply, length Both are examples of SEQUENTIAL ART Comics (& graphic novels) are a FORMAT, not a GENRE

3 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 According to The Secret Origin of Good Readers… Reading comic books may help to: Develop an increased interest in reading. Increase literacy in the broad sense of the word. Develop language skills and a rich and varied vocabulary. Foster interest in a variety of literary genres. Foster interest in a broad range of topics. Stimulate a creative imagination. Develop an appreciation of art. Develop the ability to discuss and critique art and writing. Increase understanding of how meaning is found in visual phenomena. Enhance understanding of popular culture

4 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 Also… Comics & graphic novels are not just for kids They arent just about superheroes either Comics & graphic novels are great for reluctant readers… …but that doesnt mean they arent real books

5 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 No shortcuts… Like other formats, selecting comics & graphic novels requires knowledge and passion Comics & graphic novels should be selected carefully, with an eye toward users, the library material selection policy, and community standards. There are no shortcuts. Core lists, reviews, and recommendations are a great place to start, but a great collection depends on a librarian who truly understands the format. Besides, you might just become a fan, if you arent one already!

6 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 Things to consider… Space (shelving and location) Audience (kids, tweens, teens, adults) Cataloging (741s or separate collection?) Whos responsible & where does the money come from? Publicity and programming Continuing Education

7 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 RESOURCES

8 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 REVIEWS Booklist KLIATT Knowledge Quest Library Journal Publishers Weekly School Library Journal Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)

9 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 CORE LISTS for ALL AGES No Flying No Tights Comic Books for Young Adults Diamond News & Reviews Brodart

10 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 ONLINE RESOURCES Anime Insider Art Bomb BWI Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Comic Book Publishers on the Internet Comic Book Resources Comics Worth Reading Internet Public Library: Graphic Novels

11 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 ONLINE RESOURCES CONTINUED… Librarians Guide to Anime & Manga Newsarama Previews Secret Origin of Good Readers Sequential Tart Wizard Magazine

12 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 Graphic Novels in Libraries Email List To subscribe, go to List website at

13 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 BOOKS Graphic Novels 101: Selecting and Using Graphic Novels to Promote Literacy for Children and Young Adults: A Resource Guide for School Librarians and Educators by Philip Charles Crawford (Hi Willow, 2003) Anime Explosion: The What, Why and Wow of Japanese Animation by Patrick Drazen (Stone Bridge Press, 2002) Graphic Novels Now: Building, Managing, and Marketing a Dynamic Collection by Francisca Goldsmith (American Library Association, 2005) Getting Graphic! Using Graphic Novels to Promote Literacy with Preteens and Teens by Michele Gorman (Linworth Publishing, 2003) Graphic Novels: Everything You Need to Know by Paul Gravett (Collins Design, 2005) Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art by Scott McCloud (Kitchen Sink Press, 1994) Developing and Promoting Graphic Novel Collections by Steve Miller (Neal-Shuman, 2005) The 101 Best Graphic Novels by Stephen Weiner (Nantier Beall Minoustchine Publishing,2nd Revised Edition, 2006)

14 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 AWARDS YALSAs Great Graphic Novels List Eisner Awards Harvey Awards Comic Book Awards Almanac

15 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 EVENTS Free comic book day (5 May 2007) Comics conventions

16 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND Comic Shop Locator

17 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 DISPLAY IDEAS Highlight titles that tie in with current events or pop culture Mix formats around a theme Use the calendar Offer Readalikes Supplement displays with booklists

18 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 PUBLICITY IDEAS Work with your comics retailer to publicize the library collection Include graphic novels in school and community book talks Add comics & graphic novels news to library newsletter or send out a press release Distribute flyers anywhere comics fans congregate

19 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 PROGRAMMING IDEAS The possibilities are endless and the return on investment is HUGE!

20 Copyright Julie Bartel 2007 City Library Graphic Novel Collection Grand Opening with Special Guest Neil Gaiman

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