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Ever Green Justine Shaffner Library Services Consultant - Public 800-397-1552 x140

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1 Ever Green Justine Shaffner Library Services Consultant - Public 800-397-1552 x140

2 Why be green? Its no fun being green

3 I want it all, I want it all, I want it all and I want it now Freddie Mercury of Queen

4 What well cover Green Design Green Practices Green Programs Resources for going Green Ways to stay informed

5 Green Design Buildings account for - 65.2% of Total U.S. Electricity Consumption 36% of Total U.S. Primary Energy Use 30% of Total U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions 136 Million Tons of Construction & Demolition Waste in the U.S. - Approx. 2.8 lbs/person/day of waste 12% of Total U.S. Potable Water Consumption 40% - 3 Billion Tons Annually - of Raw Materials Used Globally Source -

6 LEED Certification Birdfriendly' Glass Wildlife Friendly Design Plant Rescue Snow Melting System Reduce Kitchen Water Consumption Employee Wellness Educational Program

7 Green Design Bicycle storage Public transportation Recycle Roofing Paving –Bioswale –Permeable Parking



10 Green Design - Lighting Percent of the time the space is empty Private Office 53% Storerooms56% Meeting Rooms 66% Restrooms70% Source -

11 Green Design Xeriscaping Flowers and bushes –Native Just say no to grass! And to –Pesticides –Sprinklers (esp. automated) –Mowing

12 Green Design – CO Naturita Douglas County Telluride

13 Naturita Public Library

14 Teaching Wall


16 Green Design – CO Telluride Douglas County

17 Green Design - US Ballard Branch. Seattle Public Library. Seattle, WABallard Branch. Seattle Public Library. Blair Library. Fayetteville Public Library. Fayetteville, ARBlair Library. Fayetteville Public Library. Bozeman Public Library. Bozeman, MTBozeman Public Library Budlong Woods Branch. Chicago Public Library. Chicago, ILBudlong Woods Branch. Chicago Public Library Central Library. Seattle Public Library. Seattle, WA Central Library. Seattle Public Library. Eden Prairie Library. Eden Prairie, MN Eden Prairie Library. Jay Johnson Public Library. Quinter, KSJay Johnson Public Library. Lake View Terrace Library. Lake View Terrace, CA Lake View Terrace Library. Minneapolis Central Library. Minneapolis, MN Minneapolis Central Library. North Adams Public Library. North Adams, MANorth Adams Public Library Oaklyn Branch Library. Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library. Evansville, IN.Oaklyn Branch Library. Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library Laramie County Library Cheyenne, WYLaramie County Library Anythink (Rangeview Libraries) Brighton, COAnythink (Rangeview Libraries)

18 Green Practices Energy audits Green power Supplies and Paper Renovations Weeding and

19 Green Practices Certified green products Book bags Laptops not desktops Junk mail Freecycling Items for checkout –Kill A Watt meters

20 Green Practices Items to checkout –Bicycles –Fishing poles –Sports equipment, crafting tools –Musical Instruments –Cake pans –Art prints –Jigsaw puzzles

21 Emotionally Intelligent Signage video

22 Green Practices HVAC Fumes Working windows Dress Carpool

23 Work from Home $23 billion could be saved in transportation, environmental, and energy costs with a 10 to 20 % increase in telecommuting in the US Many reputable studies have proven that teleworking 1 to 3 days per week increases overall employee productivity by 10% to 45% AmEx telestaff did 26% more calls and were 43% more productive Difficult to recruit Gen Yers are very attracted to flexible work arrangements 72% of employers say telework has a high impact on employee retention Telecommuting programs reduce unscheduled absences by 63% AT&T workers work 5 more hours at home than their office workers

24 Green Programs Recycled art contest Recycled fashion show Recycling bins by the library Community gardens Green themed reading programs

25 Go Green Display

26 Green Programs Seattle Seminars Program series Film series http://greeningyourlibrary.wordpress.c om/sustainable-films/ http://greeningyourlibrary.wordpress.c om/sustainable-films/

27 Resources for going Green Patron brochure nggreen.pdf nggreen.pdf Proposal sal8x11.pdf sal8x11.pdf Green Footstep Strategies x.html x.html Where to recycle and http://earth911.com

28 Resources for going Green Dsire Green-e DOE Financial assistance Green Press Initiative Energy Star

29 Resources for going Green Readability also Green Libraries American Libraries Green page How to reduce waste Energy efficiency program

30 Resources for going Green Library green pages er.php er.php (Spokane)

31 Ways to stay informed

32 Beth Filar Williams Alliance Facebook ALAs Task Force on the Environment Small Scale Green

33 Questions? Justine Shaffner, MLS Library Services Consultant – Public BCR 800-397-1552 x140

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