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The Most Important Factor For Vermont. The constitution of Vermont says that, "an adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, industry, and frugality,

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1 The Most Important Factor For Vermont

2 The constitution of Vermont says that, "an adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, industry, and frugality, are absolutely necessary to preserve the blessings of liberty, liberty, and keep government free." I agree. To keep Vermont safe and for it to hold a better future we need to keep all these attributes in the mind while planing and making the future or even 'now' of Vermont. The most important attribute is temperance because with out this virtue none of these other, noble, attributes would be possible.

3 Temperance "Temperance is the wisdom to know that not every constructive job requires a hammer." (Quote by - Wes Fessler) Temperance is key to holding together a community, government, a country, or even just a home. Learning or having Temperance (though in some cases not) is a great virtue. Having patience and self-restraint is important when two or more different opinions come into contact while trying to figure out something that will benefit the future of a group of people, then temperance is always needed so unproductive argument doesn't break out.

4 Justice Definition: "The quality of being just; righteousness, equitablenessormoral rightness: to uphold the justice of a cause." Justice as we all know is different in each persons point of view, but when up holding justice a certain level of temperance and unbiased opinion is needed to fairly and rightly just in enforcing law in Vermont and in other states. By using temperance in courts and in law enforcing Vermont can make sure that all opinions are heard, taken into consideration, and fairly looked at by both sides before decided upon to disregard or accept as a definite solution and/or view on the matter; instead of being quickly thrown aside and not looked at or considered by people or groups who do not agree. Even if the you disagree with a view on the justice of a person of matter for instance physician assisted death, you should show temperance and not forget that every opinion is valid.the

5 Moderation "The quality of being moderate and avoiding extremes." With the economy that we are dealing with at this time and the budget cuts that we face moderation is probably one the most important things that should be talked about when we as a state look at our income and the things that we spend our budget on. Once again temperance is a major part of moderation. Moderation is a big thing that we have to talk about and put into place more by deciding what needs the most attention in our budget. Temperance would help with dividing the budget up, most important to least important money wise. Being money wise is important and if we just funneled money into every single thing that was said to have needed it first we would be broke in seconds.

6 Industry "The people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise; 'each industry has its own trade publications'." Industry is the foundation of most of our lives, we buy or trade to live and have for many many years. And so those in industry hold a certain amount of power. For instance, publishers control and decide what the public will be reading, learning, taking in, and so they have much power over knowledge. Or our food stores provide us (if we do not home make and grow our food, but even the seeds, water, and land we buy,) with the sustenance that we eat and drink. We grumble over prices but we will always pay (or find another place with cheaper) for the food. Without temperance this system of give and receive would crash down before us. Without temperance fights over prices or the control of what information the public can see in books, magazines, news papers, internet, and TV would be practically battles. Violence with protests against every unwanted or unappreciated thing that was in our society. Imagine trying to go out to get the 'New York Times' and trying to walk through a screaming crowd protesting the department stores snack prices!

7 Frugality "Prudence in avoiding waste." Frugality, in Vermont, is again very important for the future (and of course the present) of our, and others, states. Like I said while explaining why and how temperance fits into when we use frugality while distributing our budget. If we talk and work to find what programs need the most attention money wise, and agree, then we will will not have unneeded money waist in departments or branches that have no need for more financial aid. With out temperance this would be impossible to accomplish.

8 In Conclusion Without temperance all pursuit of a new and improved future for Vermont or any other state for that matter. With out temperance feelings and opinions which on most cases go filtered from the mouths of representatives and politicians would go unchecked and unfiltered, starting arguments and resentment, wasting time and money while the very real problems are being left alone and unseen. If temperance was forgotten big problems would get bigger and small problems would be blown out of proportion. Temperance may seem small and unthought of but without it our homes, our towns, our cities, our states, and our countries would be in chaos, our world worse off than the already fragile state that we keep trying to put back together. What started out as a simple discussion could end up in violence. With courts and laws abandoned our world would become a battle ground for any who were to strong willed and stubborn to admit to defeat. Temperance is key for peace, and isn't that what most of us want, especially for our home? Our state?

9 Maggie McCaffrey Social Studies 8th U32 middle school 930 Gallison Hill RD, Montpelier, Vt 05602 April Vos (802) 229-0321 x 4018

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