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Local Planning and Network Development (LPND) 2010 Update for LMHAs.

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1 Local Planning and Network Development (LPND) 2010 Update for LMHAs

2 Local Service Area Plan FY 2010 contract requires submission of a comprehensive Local Service Area Plan (LSAP) Provider Network Development Plan in one component of the LSAP The Local Services, Crisis Services and Diversion Action sections of the plan are prepared are in narrative format

3 Scope of Template Provider Network Development Plan uses the 2010 LPND Template 2010 template does not cover the Local Service Plan Instructions for submission of the LSAP found in Information Item I of the Authority Performance Contract

4 2010 LPND Template Aim for concise communication of requested information Use bullet format whenever possible Limit completed plan to 25 pages DSHS will request additional information if needed Separate PowerPoint presentation covers changes to the template

5 Provider Availability Assessment

6 Goals for 2010 Shared understanding of LMHA needs and provider interests and capacity at the local level Mutually beneficial procurement provisions Successful procurement

7 New Step in Planning Process Follow-up contact between LMHA and provider required Initiated by LMHA using DSHS website LMHA specifies teleconference or visit LMHA provides scheduling flexibility Provider has 45 days to participate

8 New Provision The LMHA may conclude that a provider is not interested in contracting with the LMHA if the provider does not participate in a teleconference or in-person meeting (whichever is requested by LMHA) within 45 days. LMHA must assume provider is interested if LMHA does not initiate contact

9 Significance An LMHA is not obligated to go through procurement if no providers have demonstrated interest in contracting with the LMHA DSHS may contact providers to confirm LMHA conclusions regarding provider interest

10 Content of Meeting Local conditions Community needs and preferences DSHS requirements Provider experience and capacity Provider needs and preferences Level of provider interest

11 Purpose LMHAs and providers have complete information for decision-making Providers can focus on areas with greatest potential for success LMHAs avoid unsuccessful procurement

12 Revised Provider Inquiry Form Single form with checklist of LMHAs Specific questions about experience Broad categories of service listed Service packages vs. discrete services Adults vs. children/adolescents

13 Planning Process

14 Sequence of Events Conduct initial provider availability assessment first Use results to frame local meetings Draft plan Check DSHS website for additional providers and revise plan if needed

15 Community Input Use 2008 plan as the starting point for discussion Review past plan and results Describe current options based on provider availability assessment

16 Community Input Ensure stakeholders understand procurement is required if providers are available Request input on how to achieve that goal based local priorities Services to procure in 2010 Timeframe for full transition (to use available capacity)

17 Community Input If LMHA has no interested providers, focus on other elements of plan: Reducing barriers Attracting providers Improving consumer access and choice Some questions require no response if LMHA has no interested providersinsert NA as instructed

18 Additional Information

19 Review Process Similar to process used in 2008 LMHAs will receive questions from LANAC before the scheduled conference call LANAC has developed approval criteria to guide the review process These criteria or guidelines are not a substitute for the rule Document with criteria and explanation available on LPND website

20 Additional Training Separate PowerPoint presentation covers the 2010 LPND Template Modules posted on LPND website Monthly conference calls through June; schedule posted on website Presentation at Risk Management Conference on January 29th

21 Additional Information Refer to LPND website for additional information and updates: LPND/ Submit questions to the LPND Mailbox: Contact Tamara Allen: 512-419-2229

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