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DSHS Response to Meningococcal Requirement in

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1 DSHS Response to Meningococcal Requirement in
Institutions of Higher Education Update Luis Valenzuela Adult & Adolescent Immunization Coordinator Tony Aragon, MS Epidemiologist, Acting Assessment, Compliance, & Evaluation Manager June 21st, 2012

2 Outline Background: 82nd Texas Legislature Meningococcal Action Plan
Texas Immunization Stakeholder Working Group (TISWG) Collaboration DSHS Immunization Branch Response Efforts TISWG Member Commitment Highlights Barriers and Next Steps Q and A

3 Background: The 82nd Texas Legislature Adopted SB 1107
Requires all entering students to show evidence of meningitis vaccine Does not apply to students who are enrolled only in online or distance education courses or are 30 years of age or older Legislation took effect Sept. 1, 2011 Requirement was effective Jan. 1, 2012

4 2011 Fall Semester Enrollment Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) Estimates
Estimated 652,141first-time students of all ages 286,120 between the ages of 18 and 21 168,228 between the ages of 22 and 29 Total of 454,348 potentially affected by law New students: a first-time student of an institution of higher education or private or independent institution of higher education, including a student who transfers to the institution from another institution

5 Meningococcal Action Plan
Immunization Branch developed an action plan with two main objectives: Ensure that 16 to 18 year olds receive a booster dose of meningococcal vaccine (medical recommendation) Ensure entering college students ages 19 to 29 receive an meningococcal vaccine within 5 years before enrolling in college Ensure that 16 to 18 year olds receive a booster dose of meningococcal vaccine (medical recommendation) – not a school requirement

6 TISWG Collaboration Held break-out sessions at March 2012 TISWG
Obtained several actionable items DSHS Immunization Branch executed communication plan with input from stakeholders focusing on… Provider education Education for students and families Assisting institutions of higher education

7 DSHS Immunization Branch Response Efforts
Launched meningococcal microsite Includes information and resources Meningococcal Vaccine Requirements Obtaining vaccine Disease information Approximately 2,500 visitors since going live (5/18/12)

8 DSHS Immunization Branch Response Efforts
Microsite widely disseminated and referenced Public health distribution lists Client encounters Professional medical societies School nurse network TEA Schanbaum MCV4 national media campaign Colleges and universities Direct blast to providers via EVI


10 DSHS Immunization Branch Response Efforts
Created informational 1-pagers for distribution For health care providers For entering college students Widely disseminated among Colleges and Universities Public health distribution lists Professional medical societies School nurse network TEA


12 Individual TISWG Member Commitments
Clark Petty (San Antonio Metro Health) Made contact with Café College and developed relationship Forwarded microsite to the local colleges, universities

13 Individual TISWG Member Commitments
Kirk White (Texas Administrators of Continuing Education, Houston Community College) Provided summary of TISWG meeting to President of TACE (who has been part of the meningitis vaccine law effort) and with HCC Meningitis Task Force Available to facilitate communications with the THECB, DSHS and Immunization Partnership on behalf of TACE as needed Distributed microsite to both HCC and the TACE membership

14 Individual TISWG Member Commitments
Maureen M. Moore (The Immunization Partnership) Immunization Champions projects in 7 clinics were fully briefed and encouraged to remind and recall their adolescent patients prior to summer rush Information about MCV4 on The Immunization Partnership’s website includes a video Website has another page dedicated to meningitis disease information:

15 Individual TISWG Member Commitments
Kate Alfano (Texas Academy of Family Physicians) Promoted the website through electronic newsletter on May 31 Included presence on website

16 Individual TISWG Member Commitments
Alice Hallgren (Fort Bend County Clinical Health Services) Found local Pharmacies and Providers who cater to adults and compiled a list from this information and made it available to anyone seeking adult MCV4 Instructed the staff who screen phone calls at our offices to provide this information Contacted several school nurses in our district, reminding them to inform their students who are turning 18 to get their booster MCV4 and the importance of signing up for IMMTRAC

17 Individual TISWG Member Commitments
Kathy Cavin, Debbie Tucker, Isabel Hargrove (Austin/Travis County HHSD) Contacted all area colleges/universities Sent letters to 19 high school nurses about ImmTrac and included info about MCV4 and college, offering assistance with college-bound seniors Added the microsite to Travis County VFC website

18 Individual TISWG Member Commitments
Patsy Schanbaum (The Jamie Group) MEDIA TOUR- referenced microsite and informed on meningococcal disease Forwarded a list (with links) to media outlets Included microsite website - Will reach out to HEB

19 Individual TISWG Member Commitments
Daniel Acosta (Immunize El Paso) Conducted vaccination campaign-target areas is the parent education Continue to utilize media partners Realized need for better communication with school officials

20 Individual TISWG Member Commitments
Lala Yerger, Sharon Currie, Jennifer Sutherland, Deborah Hernandez (Corpus Christi Nueces County Health Dept.) In process of creating recall/reminder Website has been updated with links to collegevaccinerequirements, DSHS, CDC (National Vaccine Program), Immunization Action Coalition, Immunization Partnership and National Network on Immunization Information Letters concerning vaccine (particularly MCV4) requirements were sent to parents with students at area high schools (distributed via CCISD cooperation and partnership)

21 Individual TISWG Member Commitments
Lala Yerger, Sharon Currie, Jennifer Sutherland, Deborah Hernandez (Corpus Christi Nueces County Health Dept.) Six offsite vaccination clinics were conducted at five high schools and one charter school Insert has been completed and is awaiting printing and distribution in July city utility bills

22 Individual TISWG Member Commitments
Leslie Myers (Safeway) Provide resources and link to pharmacists Educate parents, students, and school districts Work with insurance payors to provide pharmacy coverage for vaccines

23 Barriers and Next Steps
Fast timeline Needed a complete distribution list to send out timely information to all stakeholders Next Steps Use distribution lists established for updates and to solicit feedback Continue to work with stakeholders Will continue to work with THECB and TISWG to provide updates as needed

24 Questions & Answers Tony Aragon
Luis Valenzuela

25 Conclusion Chose most actionable, relevant items to execute with limited resources All actions centered around communication plan Can apply strategies and resources gained to future occurrences Will continue to work with THECB and TISWG to provide updates as needed



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