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Indian & African Independence Movements. India.

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1 Indian & African Independence Movements

2 India


4 Where did the Indian Independence Movement take place? Indian sub-continent British India India Pakistan (former West Pakistan) Bangladesh (former East Pakistan) Sri Lanka (former Ceylon)

5 Gandhi was known for civil disobedience and passive resistance


7 Political Division along Hindu/ Muslim lines, Pakistan / India


9 Africa


11 Characteristics of African independence movements Right to self determination (U.N. charter Peaceful and violent revolutions after WWII Pride in African cultures and heritage Resentment toward imperial rule and economic exploitation Loss of colonies by Great Britain, France, Belgium, and Portugal Influence of superpower rivalry during Cold War

12 Examples of African independence movements West Africa – peaceful transition Algeria – War for Independence from France Kenya– violent struggle under leadership of Kenyatta against Great Britain South Africa – Black Africans’ struggle against apartheid


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