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Weather Tracking Pg. 100 Weather Instruments Pg. 101

2 Weather Instruments Pg. 101
A. Lower Atmosphere: 1. Thermometer - temperature

3 What does a barometer measure?
2. Barometer – measures atmospheric pressure.

4 How a Barometer works

5 What does a anemometer measure?
3. Anemometer – measures wind speed.

6 What does a hygrometer measure?
4. Hygrometer – measures humidity = amount of water vapor in the air.

7 hygrometer uses two basic mercury thermometers, one with a wet bulb one with a dry bulb. Evaporation from the water on the wet bulb causes its temperature reading to drop, causing it to show a lower temperature than the dry bulb. Relative humidity is calculated by comparing the readings using a calculation table that compares the ambient temperature (the temperature given by the dry bulb) to the difference in temperatures between the two thermometers.

8 What does a weather vane measure?
5. weather vane – measures wind direction

9 Strong Wind Gust 5/12/14

10 B. Upper atmosphere: Radiosonde – a helium
weather balloon carries weather instruments high into the atmosphere.

11 2. Radar = radio detection and ranging -reflects radio waves to determine velocity and location of objects.

12 3. Satellites – use visible, infrared and cloud vapor to show where storms are.

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