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Weather Instruments.

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1 Weather Instruments

2 Forecasting Weather forecasting – a prediction of weather conditions over the next 3 to 5 days Meteorologist measure the following to make their forecast Air pressure Temperature Cloud cover Wind speed and direction Humidity

3 Psychrometer Measures relative humidty

4 Rain Gauge Measures precipitation

5 Thermometer Measures air temperature

6 Barometer Measures air pressure

7 Wind Sock or Weather Vane
Measures wind direction Points in the direction in which wind is coming from N According to this vane, which direction is the wind blowing to? Click the right direction. W E S

8 Anemometer Measures wind speed

9 Specialized Weather Equipment
Weather Balloon carries weather instruments into the atmosphere Radar Doppler, Nexrad tracks precipitation as it falls to the ground Satellites shows cloud cover from space

10 Weather Maps meteorologist use to show weather patterns
compiles information from over 1,000 weather stations across the United States Isobars are lines that connect points of equal air pressure Isotherms are lines indication areas of similar temperature


12 Station Models – small circles that show the location of the station and symbols representing weather data


14 Watches and Warnings can be issued for any type of severe weather
watch means that the conditions are favorable for the severe weather to occur and to watch the weather closely for changes warning means that the sever weather is occurring and shelter should be taken immediately

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