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A Portrait of Americans

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1 A Portrait of Americans

2 GPS Standard SSCG7 - The student will describe how thoughtful and effective participation in civic life is characterized by obeying the law, paying taxes, serving on a jury, participating in the political process, performing public service, registering for military duty, being informed about current issues, and respecting differing opinions.

3 Basic Understanding To know and understand our governmental system, we must know how we have grown as a nation The cultural diversity of the U.S. is perhaps unmatched in modern day and throughout history People from all walks of life have made their home in the U.S.

4 Development of cultural centers
As immigrants moved to the U.S., they began to group themselves by language, culture, etc. Chinatown, Sicilian Mafia Over time, people settled due to location and lifestyle, rather than cultural similarities Growth of cities and suburbs Sunbelt


6 Graphic Organizer Assignment: Take out a sheet of paper and draw 2 circles In the inner circle, write down at least 5 details about where Americans live In the outer circle, write down at least 5 details about what Americans do for work

7 How technology has advanced
Early on, many Americans worked as farmers and manufacturers. As technology advanced and people were needed less, the workforce shifted to the service industry. This advance in technology also caused people to live longer Baby Boom

8 “Melting Pot” vs. “Mosaic”
For many years, U.S. was referred to as a “melting pot” Many different ingredients mixed into a large pot Recently, the term “mosaic” has begun to be used Many different “tiles” assembled together to form one whole picture

9 What do you think? Would you say that the U.S. is more like a melting pot or a mosaic? Explain in at least 4-6 sentences.

10 Diversity’s Issues Having so many different types of people has caused many problems throughout our history Slavery Racism/discrimination Questions about equality Has led to many changes in government, policy, and execution Civil War Amendments Civil Rights Act of 1964 Today’s immigration laws in Arizona/Georgia

11 Today’s numbers In the U.S. today, the traditional minority groups are quickly becoming the majority in some states

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