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Scientific Method Writing A Lab

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1 Scientific Method Writing A Lab
Chemistry SCSh3

2 Table of Contents Date Name of the Lab Page Number

3 Variables Purpose: Open Ended Question with variables.
How much vinegar needs to be added to 325 mg of baking soda to produce an increased reaction? Independent variable (the thing we change/x-axis) Amount of vinegar (volume) Dependent variable (the thing that is measured/y-axis) The reaction (bigness of the reaction) Control variable (keep the same) Amount of baking soda

4 Research This is directly from classroom study, homework and the introduction. We don’t add this section, just wanted you to be aware of it.

5 Hypothesis This is what you believe will happen based on scientific evidence (I don’t care what was on Ricky Lake or Ripley’s use the information you’ve learned from solid fact not fiction). Should be in a If (A happened), then (B will happen) because (C did it).

6 If (independent)…then (dependent)…because
Hypothesis If (independent)…then (dependent)…because If you have ___ ml of vinegar, then the reaction will be greater/less mass because the carbon dioxide escaped/remained.

7 Test the Hypothesis Materials Procedure Data Table

8 Analysis Graph any quantitative data
Look for patterns in the data and start reaching some conclusions Complete all mathematic manipulation to understand the data. Answer any follow up questions.

9 V. Conclusion Conclusions get students in trouble.
They forget to keep it in paragraph format. They neglect the rule of complete sentences. They aren’t sure how to list numerical data in statement form. They list everything they had in the lab or nothing. Pretend that the only part of the lab being read is the conclusion, present your findings in that manner. Why did you What happened What did you think was going to happen Why did you believe that What other factors could affect it.

10 Conclusion (paragraph one)
First Paragraph – In sentence form, write the purpose of the lab. Summarize the procedure. List the results of all NEEDED data/calculations. Your results only, no opinions.

11 Conclusion (paragraph two)
Second Paragraph – Restate the hypothesis. State whether your data supported the hypothesis or refuted. Explain why the data supported or refuted. Take time to consider any errors when writing this paragraph. Use the concepts learned in the class as well. This paragraph is all about *thought*.

12 Done Turn in your lab and it will be graded by the attached rubric. Place a copy of this rubric as the final page in your first lab. For more information visit:

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