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Dawson Eagles. NCAA eligibility center Coaches School counselors.

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1 Dawson Eagles

2 NCAA eligibility center Coaches School counselors

3 NCAA – Governing body for collegiate sports The NCAA Eligibility Center will certify the academic and amateur credentials Registration is needed if you invited on an official visit to a Div. I or Div. II school or receive athletic scholarship money. Registration is needed for walk- ons or Div. III/NAIA players ( Registration Personal information Coursework – Know all schools attended in 9 th -12 th Sports Fee $65

4 Must be certified as an amateur student-athlete. The following precollegiate enrollment activities may be reviewed: 1. Contracts with a professional team. 2. Salary for participating in athletics. 3. Prize money. 4. Play with professionals. 5. Tryouts, practice or competition with a professional team. 6. Benefits from an agent or prospective agent. 7. Agreement to be represented by an agent. 8. Delayed initial full-time collegiate enrollment to participate in organized sports competition.

5 The NCAA uses a 4.0 scale A – 4 points B - 3 points C – 2 points D – 1 points All numerical grades are change to letter grades Weight grades for advanced classes will improve core GPA SAT Math/Critical Reading (add together for score) NCAA does not count writing score ACT math, science, English and reading subsections

6 Graduate from high school Complete 16 core classes 4 years of English 3 years of Math – Alg. I or higher 2 years of natural or physical science 1 extra year of math or natural or physical science 2 years of social science 4 years of extra core classes Meet the GPA and SAT/ACT score guidelines set in the Division I Sliding scaleSliding scale

7 Increased minimum core-course GPA from 2.00 to 2.30 10 of the 16 required courses must be completed before the beginning of the 7 th semester (senior year) 7 of the 10 required courses must be in English, Math, or natural/physical science A repeat of the “locked in” courses will not be used if taken after the seventh semester begins Increase in the overall core-course GPA as is relates to the ACT or SAT which results in a new sliding scale. THIS WILL IMPACT INCOMING 9 TH GRADE (CLASS OF 2016) IF THEY PLAN ON PARTICIPATING IN DI ATHLETICS.

8 Increase the required core courses from 14-16 1 additional course in English, math, and science 1 additional course in any core academic area (English, math, science, social science) or foreign language, comparative religion/philosophy THIS WILL IMPACT CURRENT SENIORS (CLASS OF 2013) IF THEY PLAN ON PARTICIPATING IN INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS AT THE DII LEVEL.

9 Freshman and Sophomores Understand GPA and why it is important Complete all assignments on time! Turn in all assignments – NO ZEROS!!! Take NCAA approved courses If you fall behind, use summer sessions before graduation.

10 Juniors Complete your eligibility registration at or Take the SAT/ACT 445414 – Dawson HS code. Use this to send score to the score for your counselor to add to your transcript Check your transcript for approved courses Have your transcript sent to eligibility center after completion of your junior year. Meet with your counselor before starting your senior year. Complete all assignments on time!

11 Seniors Take the SAT/ACT again if necessary Best scores will be uses Graduate on time and send a final transcript Review amateur responses and request certification COMPLETE ALL ASSIGNMENTS ON TIME!

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