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Welcome to Curriculum Night Team 8-C Ms. Bethea-Language Arts Dr. Charles-Physical Science Mrs. Evans-Math Mr. Shearon-Georgia Studies.

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night Team 8-C Ms. Bethea-Language Arts Dr. Charles-Physical Science Mrs. Evans-Math Mr. Shearon-Georgia Studies

2 Team Parents Mrs. Thatcher Mrs. Fahsel


4 New Textbook McDougal Littell, Literature Textbook is available on-line: Price $77.18

5 English Language Arts Students will be taught the 8 th grade Georgia Performance Standards. Great emphasis will be placed on writing, vocabulary development, reading comprehension and test taking strategies.

6 ELA Standards ELA8R1 ( a-h) The student demonstrates comprehension and shows evidence of a warranted and responsible explanation of a variety of literary and informational texts. ELA8C1 ( a-g) ELA8C1 The student demonstrates understanding and control of the rules of the English language, realizing that usage involves the appropriate application of conventions and grammar in both written and spoken formats.

7 ELA Standards ELA8W1( a-i) The student produces writing that establishes an appropriate organizational structure, sets a context and engages the reader, maintains a coherent focus throughout, and signals a satisfying closure ELA8LSV1 The student participates in student- to-teacher, student-to-student, and group verbal interactions.

8 Textbooks McDougal Littel The Elements of Literature (8th Grade level) Independent Reading Sources from Recommended Novels Language Arts Student Textbook Writing Workbooks/ CD Language Student Workbook

9 Requirements for Language Arts Textbook and textbook cover (no plastic) 3-ringed binder/loose-leaf paper Blue or black ink pens, colored pencils or markers Composition notebook for journal writing

10 TIDBITS Students are taught literature, spelling, grammar, writing, and vocabulary throughout the semester. Students prepare rigorously for the Georgia Writing Assessment that will be administered on January 18, 2012, and the Georgia CRCT that will be administered in the Spring (April - 2012)

11 CRCT Requirements for Language Arts Students must pass the CRCT in the Spring of 2012. Students should make a grade of 800 or better, on the Reading portion of the CRCT, to be promoted to the 9 th grade.

12 Students are required to read at least 3-4 books from DeKalb Countys Eighth Grade Reading List, each semester. We also participate in the DeKalb County 25-book campaign. Students prepare for standardized testing throughout the semester.

13 Language Arts Websites Check my website daily http// http//


15 Physical Science Curriculum General, Gifted 1 st Semester –Description of Standards / GPS / Objectives –Look at science as a means of acquiring knowledge through an orderly and systematic approach. –Describe the importance of tools in the study of science

16 Physical Science Curriculum General, Gifted 1 st Semester –Identify accepted safety procedures for manipulating materials and equipments. –Identify and compare the basic units of the metric system of measurement. –Convert measurements among related SI units.

17 Physical Science Curriculum Resources Syllabus Textbook: Physical Science (Glencoe) My website

18 Physical Science TIDBITS January 2012 Science Fair at Henderson Middle School. February, 2012 DeKalb County Science Fair. April, 2012: 62nd Georgia Science & Engineering Fair.

19 Math 8 & Accelerated Math I

20 Math 8 GPS Standards NUMBER AND OPERATIONS Students will understand the numeric and geometric meaning of square root, apply properties of integer exponents and use scientific notation. GEOMETRY Students will use and apply geometric properties of plane figures, including congruence and the Pythagorean Theorem. ALGEBRA Students will use linear algebra to represent, analyze and solve problems. They will use equations, tables, and graphs to investigate linear relations and functions, paying particular attention to slope as a rate of change. DATA ANALYSIS AND PROBABILITY Students will use and understand set theory and simple counting techniques; determine the theoretical probability of simple events; and make inferences from data, particularly data that can be modeled by linear functions.

21 Accelerated Math I GPS Standards NUMBER AND OPERATIONS Students will use the complex number system. ALGEBRA Students will explore functions, solve equations & operate with radicals, polynomials & rational expressions. GEOMETRY Students will explore, understand and use the formal language of reasoning and justification. Students will apply properties of polygons, circles and spheres, and determine distances and points of concurrence. DATA ANALYSIS AND PROBABILITY Students will use counting techniques and determine probability. Students will demonstrate understanding of data analysis by posing questions to be answered by collecting data. Students will organize, represent, investigate, interpret, and make inferences from data. Students will determine algebraic models from data.

22 Accelerated Math I EOCT Test A state mandated test designed to measure student achievement in core subjects. Given in May 2012 Will count as 15% of the students second semester grade. Class will earn a Carnegie unit Must pass the math portion of the CRCT with an 800 Will cover accelerated curriculum but must also touch on the concepts that will be covered on the CRCT

23 Math Tidbits Must pass the math portion of the Georgia CRCT with an 800 to go onto the 9th grade All assignments are posted on Mrs. Evans website Students will have homework a minimum of twice a week Check out for tutorial sessions on any Students earn math bucks throughout the year On line textbook at Check my website daily!


25 Brand New Textbook Georgia – Its Heritage and Its Promise $56.99 Textbook is available on-line: Click on: Georgia Its Heritage and Its Promise 2011 (Full Version) Password: gamsh17

26 2011-2012 Concepts used in Georgia Studies Map & Globe Skills Geography Native Americans in Georgia Exploration/Colonial Period American Revolution Statehood

27 2011-2012 Civil War Reconstruction Roaring Twenties Great Depression WWII/Post War GA Civil Rights Modern Georgia

28 Social Studies Fair School Fair will be in November. County/State Fairs TBA All students will be required to write a research paper for the Social Studies Fair. 1 st and 4 th Period students will enter the Fair or create and alternative presentation. 5 th and 7 th will have an option to enter the Social Studies or the Science Fair.

29 School and Team Policies School and Team Policies

30 School Tardy Policy 1st OffenseWarning 2nd OffenseWarning 3rd offenseAfter school Detention 4th OffenseAfter school Detention 5th OffenseAfter school Detention 6th OffenseIn-Team Suspension 7th OffenseDiscipline Referral

31 Rules 1. Come to class on time & prepared. 2. Speak at appropriate times 3. Follow directions the first time they are given. 4. Use appropriate language. 5. Respect yourself & others at all times. 6. Absolutely no bullying will be tolerated

32 Consequences of 8C Warning Removal from Classroom Home detention/paragraph (s) to be written In team Suspension After school detention/call home Referral to the Discipline Office

33 Dress Code All students are expected to be appropriately dressed. Students not dressed appropriately will be allowed to call home for a change of clothing. Students should follow the dress code that is outlined on page six of the student handbook, and in the Code of Student Conduct 2011-2012 booklet.

34 Consequences for Dress Code Violations Warning/call home/ISS Required parent conference and two days ISS Contact parent/three days ISS/Local formal hearing resulting in up to ten days ISS

35 Cheating/Plagiarism Cheating on a test, quiz, or any assignment is considered to be a breach of conduct. The student will receive a zero for the work and his/her parent will be notified. Plagiarism will result in a grade of zero.

36 Plagiarism The process of copying another person's idea or written work and claiming it as original. A piece of written work or an idea that somebody has copied and claimed as his or her own.

37 Where can you find your students grades? eSIS Please stop by the counseling office and register, if you havent already done so.

38 Extra Credit All teachers will offer opportunities for extra credit throughout the school year. Please be sure to pay attention & take advantages of these opportunities!

39 Contacting the teachers on Team 8-C The best way to contact us is via email. If you are unsure of our email addresses, just log on to the Henderson website and navigate through the teams, find our names and email us. Conferences are available upon request from the hours of 10:00-11:00.


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