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Molly Ketterer, Morgan Manning, and Jared Schimmelpfenning.

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1 Molly Ketterer, Morgan Manning, and Jared Schimmelpfenning

2 great period of cultural achievement at peace and they prospered made advances in learning

3 a lot of piece and prosperity farming and trade flourished.

4 This is one of their monastery-universities. Children went to school decimal system numeral system still used today advancements in the medical world with herbs.

5 Mauryas or Guptas – Courts Most Indians were peasants and farmers – Lived in villages Village – Consisted of people from all different castes – Village headman and council

6 - family trained the children in the traditions and duties of their castes - family interests always came before individual wishes.

7 children worked with older relatives young daughters learned that as a wife she would obey her husband a son learned the tradition of his fathers family parents arranged good marriages for their children

8 1.Priests 2.Warriors and Rulers 3.Skilled traders, Merchants, and Minor Officials 4.Unskilled workers

9 Recources india1.gif india1.gif 00x/nalanda_600x.jpg 00x/nalanda_600x.jpg jpg jpg ancient-india%E2%80%99s-creation-myths-and-caste- system-influence/ ancient-india%E2%80%99s-creation-myths-and-caste- system-influence/ (caste system info)

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