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Beowulf Group Assignments.

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1 Beowulf Group Assignments

2 Group 1 Find evidence of Anglo-Saxon culture in the epic poem “Beowulf.” Identify the pages and lines of the poem where the evidence may be found. Write the lines down on poster paper Tell how the lines are representative of Anglo-Saxon culture

3 Group 2 Find evidence in the epic poem “Beowulf” that shows that the conflict between Beowulf and Grendel is on a much larger scale than that of hero and anti-hero. Write the page and line numbers where the evidence may be found. Write the line that proves the evidence. Write a one sentence theme for the story based on the evidence.

4 Group 3 Tell what the five epic conventions are.
Identify these five conventions in the epic poem “Beowulf.” Identify the pages and lines where the evidence is located. Explain the evidence in terms of what the conventions are

5 Group 4 Find all the kennings in the epic poem “Beowulf.”
Write the kennings on poster paper and tell who or what the kenning renames. Create five kennings of your own for the following: war, school, principal, car, T.V

6 Group 5 Based on the epic “Beowulf,” write six characteristics of an epic hero. Find proof in the epic that Beowulf has these qualities. Write down the page and the line numbers where the evidence is found. Write down the lines/words that are the evidence. How are these characteristics similar to what a present day hero might possess?

7 Group 6 According to the epic “Beowulf,” what are the characteristics of an anti-hero? Identify the anti-hero in Beowulf. Write the pages and number of the lines for the evidence(at least 6) Write the lines that is the evidence How does this evidence relate to what we consider an anti-hero today. Relate it to a modern day anti-hero

8 Group 7 Write all the literary analysis questions.
Answer them in complete sentences.

9 Group 8 Find evidence of Christianity and paganism in the epic poem, “Beowulf.” Write the page and line numbers of the evidence Write down the lines that portray this evidence. What does this say about the Anglo-Saxon’s culture.

10 Group 9 Answer the Critical Reading questions on page 62 to the epic poem “Beowulf.”

11 Group 10 Answer the Literary Analysis, Reading strategy, and Extend Understanding questions on page 63.

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