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Kennedy’s Foreign Policy Bay of Pigs Berlin Wall Cuban Missile Crises.

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1 Kennedy’s Foreign Policy Bay of Pigs Berlin Wall Cuban Missile Crises

2 Continued Cold War ▪ Kennedy continued Cold War policies ▪ Tried to get soviets to stop nuclear testing ▪ Needs a better response to the change in fighting techniques

3 Flexible Response ▪ Many countries that received aid from the Soviets used Guerrilla Warfare. ▪ Responds with flexible response-special military forces trained in guerilla warfare ▪ Creates Special Forces- Green Berets

4 Prevent Communism through Aid ▪ Like Marshal Plan, Kennedy believed aid in poor countries like Africa, L.A., and Asia would prevent growth of communism ▪ Established Peace Corp ▪ Alliance for Progress- help “free” L.A. countries get rid of poverty.

5 Cold War in Cuba ▪ Fidel Castro seized power in 1959. Got support from Soviets. ▪ US felt threatened because Cuba is 90 miles from Florida ▪ CIA recites Cuban exiles to go back to Cuba and overthrow Castro

6 Bay of Pigs ▪ Kennedy takes advice from military aides and allows this attack. ▪ They land in the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. ▪ Complete disaster. ▪ Resulted in 3 things; Kennedy doesn’t trust military aides, L.A. countries lose trust in Kennedy, Soviets see Kennedy as weak.

7 Berlin War ▪ Since WWII city of Berlin divided. ▪ Khrushchev (soviets) order all westerners out of Berlin. ▪ Many people fled to the west. ▪ To prevent this they build a concrete wall known as the Berlin Wall to keep people in.

8 Cuban Missile Crises ▪ Spy planes reveal Cuba was building missile sites aimed for US. ▪ Kennedy orders navy blockade to prevent anything coming in from the Soviets. ▪ Warned Soviets with nuclear counter attack if soviets bombed

9 Cuban Missile crises cont. ▪ Crises lasted 5 days. Both countries very close to WWII. ▪ US. Promises to remove missiles sites in Turkey (which were pointed at Soviets) and Soviets would remove missiles from Cuba. ▪ Hot line was put in between US and USSR for faster communications ▪ 535/ 535/

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