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DCSS Voice Telecommunications Project. Snapshot in July, 2001 134 Sites 1200 flat business rate lines AT&T System in A/B Buildings 600 additional lines.

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1 DCSS Voice Telecommunications Project

2 Snapshot in July, 2001 134 Sites 1200 flat business rate lines AT&T System in A/B Buildings 600 additional lines Limited number of lines per site No system wide voice mail No central directory Long Distance about $5,000/month

3 No system wide caller ID No system wide call tracking No way to measure voice traffic No teacher phones/no teacher voice mail No information lines No central directory Limited Call Distribution Centers –Help Desk and the Service Center Snapshot in July, 2001 (cont.)

4 Redan High Voice Closet

5 Rehoboth Instructional Center

6 Rehoboth Wiring Problems

7 A-Building Voice Closet

8 System Capacity Maximum number of incoming /outgoing system wide calls per hour 2000-2500 No 5 digit dialing between sites No call tracking Limited Voice-mail

9 Community Relations Communications from school to home via US Mail, via student, PTA, Announcement Boards Not always reliable Many community and parental complaints

10 Cost to County 1200 Flat Business Lines –$58.64 per line (minimum) –Total $70,368 per month Other depts: $20,500 per month Long Distance: $5,000 per month TOTAL: $90,868 for FLB/month $60,000 for LD/year Personnel 8-10 people to support

11 Cost to County (cont.) Outsource Vendor $185,000 + per year At least 50 lines were billing that had no use and sometimes no connection MTM was E-rate funded…. ….we were not receiving full benefit because we did not know everything we had.

12 Connectivity Since March, 2003 140 sites installed 9,600 phones installed 11,875 voice mail boxes 146 information lines ALL sites connected via 5-digit dialing Ability to transfer a call from one location to another system wide Conference call capability on every phone

13 Caller ID on every phone Traceable 911 calls from every location Every site with at least one fax Call tracking capability and call reporting Traffic measurement capability Long distance available at every phone Desktop messaging capability, faxing from the desktop Voice mail call distribution lists Central Intranet Directory Connectivity (cont.)

14 Automatic Call Distribution ( call centers to better handle calls ) Main Line, 1200 Transportation and Dispatch Insurance Services Technical and Support Services Help Desk Human Resources Call Center Accounts Payable Payroll

15 OPTION 81C A/B Building 9650 digital lines 7511 analog lines 17173 total lines 600 trunks 17,773 total ports* * incl. All 9150 sites Sam Moss 173 digital lines 44 analog lines 217 total lines 51 trunks 268 total ports Rehoboth 127 digital lines 11 analog lines 138 total lines 27 trunks 165 total ports East Campus 328 digital lines 11 analog lines 339 total lines 49 trunks 388 total ports Inter-machine trunks Sample Elementary School 12 lines 1 trunk 11 total ports 1 9150 9150 Sample High School 24 lines 1 trunk 25 total ports 2 or more 9150s BRI T1 DCSS LAN * Total of 137 school locations served by 9150 OPTIVITY TELEPHONY MANAGER (OTM) System Administration Call Accounting CALL PILOT Voice Messaging SYMPOSIUM Contact Center Extreme 450 Layer 3 switches ISDN PRI Opt. 11 25.40 Opt. 11 25.40 Opt. 11 25.40 MULTIBAND MAX PWR FLTALRM DATA MULTIBAND MAX PWR FLTALRM DATA MULTIBAND MAX PWR FLTALRM DATA USLEC: 2 DS-3 BELL SOUTH MULTIBAND MAX PWR FLTALRM DATA System Diagram The BIG Picture 9150


17 The School House

18 CALL STATUS System calls per hour: –11 hour day86,000 calls per day –8,000 to 12,000 calls per hour Calls to 678-676-1200 –Last Year15,000 avg. per month –Since July20,000 avg. per month

19 Sample Calls Monitored by System for 1200 line

20 Data Traffic for One Week 89688 total calls based on 11 hour day

21 Data Traffic for One Week 86279 total calls based on 11 hour day

22 Redan High School

23 Montclair Identification

24 Main Switch 81C

25 Switch Room/A Bldg

26 WBBC (Rehoboth)

27 Community Relations Improved Communications from home to school All teachers have voice mail School events now posted on schools Information Lines Parents now able to reach schools Parents able to dial direct to specific departments and areas

28 Additional Features Installation of Voting Lines for new DCSS Voting machines Installation of freezer monitor lines Desktop Messaging to admin desktops Fax capability from each site and from the desktop

29 Synervoice – School Connects Absentee Calling System –Makes 3500 calls per hour Broadcast Messaging Capability –Enables schools to call special groups or the entire student body Communications from School to Home

30 Cleanup Consolidation of all business lines Discovery of lines not in use Disconnection of unused lines Disconnection of duplicity Streamline Billing Procedures Streamline Requests/Trouble Reports

31 Benefits Ability to analyze work flow and call flow within departments Ability to make long distance calls on any phone within the system via LD Access Codes Ability to trace calls, callers, and traffic throughout the system Caller ID Intra Site Dialing Transportability

32 Cost to County BRI LinesTOTAL –$34,500$62,500/mo PRI Lines Long Distance –$28,000- $1,200/mo Outsource Vendor $50,000 / yr 1 manager, 1 engineer, 1 system admin

33 Cost Savings Analysis Old System / Month $90, 868 $1,090,416 Long Distance/ Year –$60,000 Outsource –$185,000 Yearly Total – $1,335,416 New System / Month $62,500 $750,000 Long Distance/Year –$14,400 Outsource –$50,000 Yearly Total –$814,400 SAVINGS$521,016

34 Whats next?? Desktop Messaging to school sites Synervoice- School Connects in all schools Final CSR analysis –Elimination of duplicate and/or unused lines –Cross check of lines

35 Connectivity Status ALL sites connected and FULLY functional Constant analysis and refinement of system System monitored daily 24/7

36 Additions Monthly Monitoring Maintenance Assistance Implementation Assistance

37 Benefits Enhanced Community Image Better Security/Safety Improvement for overall communications Addresses Homeland Security Accountability for teachers

38 Cost to County New Sites$55,00 to $75,000 Increased BRI Lines $100/per month/line Monitoring ERATE funded at 74% –MTM line charges –Internal Connections

39 End of Slide Show

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