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Desert Habitat BY:Hunter Sadie Caroline Tylir H..

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1 Desert Habitat BY:Hunter Sadie Caroline Tylir H.

2 vultures by:hunter Vultures live in the desert! vultures are 51-57 inches in height. vultures have a 110-130 c.m. wing span!

3 Diet They are carnivores! They eat the remains of dead animals off the desert ground!

4 Leopards By Sadie Leopards can weight up to 91kg [200lb] They are up to 90cm[28in] shoulders long. They can have up to 2-4youngs in a litter.

5 Leopards Has yellow fur with black spots. Its one of the largest animals in the cat family

6 Leopards live in desert and rain forest. Eat meat like other animals:lion, monkeys,and humans.

7 Shrimp live under water in the sand or mud. Some shrimp dig holes and some lay on top of the sand or mud. Shrimp dont live in reefs because that is where dangerous things hangout. Like sharks,and dolphins!

8 What shrimp eat Shrimps are omnivores because they eat other fishs gills and flesh. But shrimp usually eat sea weed,and sometimes sand.

9 The predators of shrimp The predators of shrimp are sharks and whales. The sharks dont swallow them whole. Sharks chew them. Now whales swallow them whole.

10 How long shrimp live Shrimp dont live too long. They only live too a few weeks. I cant give you a certain amount of weeks because a bigger fish might eat them. Also shrimp might run into a sea wall or there might be gasoline in the water and they get poisoned.

11 How big shrimps are Shrimps are about 2 inches (6 centimetres.) That is about 2/3 the size of my finger. Shrimps are actually a bit bigger when they are stretched out. That means they are about 8 centimetres long. That is the size of my finger.l

12 Snakes by Tylir The African Venom Spitter aims for the eye of his enemy.this snake can spit venom 6 to 8 feet. This snake lives in Africa. This snakes venom stings and can cause blindness. Then it kills its prey. This snake eats mice and rats. Grows on average of 3 feet. They often look like the diamond back snakes.this snakes predator is the human and the boa. This snakes habitat is a burrow in the ground.this snake is not poisons but … THIS VENOM CAN CAUSE BLINDES!

13 The End

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