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Using Data to Plan Instruction

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1 Using Data to Plan Instruction
Citrus: Literacy, Learners and Leaders Using Data to Plan Instruction Intro. Welcome participants and give a brief overview of the information to be covered, expectations and so on. Developed by Janet Tuggle & Cindy Longacre Citrus County Schools, Florida

2 Citrus County Schools, Florida
Literacy is Listening Viewing Speaking Thinking Expressing using multiple symbol systems Reading Writing Remind participants of the 7 Processes of Literacy. Citrus County Schools, Florida

3 Practice the Non-Negotiables
Have a print rich literacy environment. Use the seven processes of literacy. Read to and with students. Teach, model, practice the strategies of expert readers. Have students read independently and with accountability. Phonics and phonemic awareness instruction K-1, and for others who have not reached mastery. Review the non-negotiables. Citrus County Schools, Florida

4 Citrus County Schools, Florida
Data is . . . Factual information Information organized for analysis or used to reason or make decisions. What is data? Brief discussion of what it is, how we use it, and why. How does this knowledge affect how we plan instruction. Citrus County Schools, Florida

5 Citrus County Schools, Florida
Types of Assessment Screening “First Alert” Progress Monitoring “Growth Chart” Diagnostic “In Depth View” Outcome “Reaching Our Goals” Designed to discover which student’s are at risk and who needs close monitoring. Used to determine which students need extra support and which skills need to be emphasized. Used to form flexible, small groups. Used to determine a student’s specific strengths and weaknesses and whether the student is at, above or below grade level. Designed to determine evidence of adequate yearly progress. Overview to provide the basic understanding of the four types of assessment. Review each. Citrus County Schools, Florida

6 Citrus County Schools, Florida
Screening Tests Elementary Level *DIBELS (Dynamic Indicator of Basic Early Learning Skills) * SRI ( Scholastic Reading Inventory) * FLKRS (Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener) * C-CAT * STAR Early Literacy * HM Leveling (Houghton Mifflin)or other leveling test Secondary Level * SRI * FCAT *FORF (Florida Oral Reading Fluency) The first step in the data process. Discuss the various forms of screening used at the site. Why do we need to screen? When? What is next? Citrus County Schools, Florida

7 Examples of Diagnostic Tests
Elementary Level * ERDA (Early Reading Diagnostic Assessment) * DAR ( Diagnostic Assessment of Reading) Secondary Level * DAR * GMRT (Gates-McGinite Reading Test) Diagnostic testing is misused and misunderstood at most schools. Diagnostic testing is used to identify areas of need. This test is to be used ONLY on students who are not progressing after 6-9 weeks of interventions as a result of screening and progress monitoring. Diagnostic testing should NOT be solely used as a test to identify students in need of retention. Citrus County Schools, Florida

8 Examples of Progress Monitoring Tests
Elementary Level * DIBELS * C-CAT * Running Records * STAR Early Literacy * SRI or other leveling instrument Secondary Level * SRI * FORF Progress Monitoring is an on going assessment that all teachers should use. According to the “Citrus Reads”(Elementary) purple book running records is one form of progress monitoring that ALL teachers should complete on ALL kids at least once a quarter. High risk students should be progress monitored more often. Secondary reading and intervention teachers complete progress monitoring of their students quarterly also. Citrus County Schools, Florida

9 Examples of Outcome Tests
Elementary Level * DIBELS * FCAT * NRT * SAT 10 Secondary Level * FORF * SRI Discuss the types of outcome tests and what teachers learn from these test results. How do we plan according to these results? Citrus County Schools, Florida

10 Citrus County Schools, Florida
Using Data As you plan instruction ask yourself… * What skills should be taught next? How? To whom? * What students are on grade level ? * What students are below grade level ? * What students are above grade level ? Create small groups of students for specific skills work. What skill should be taught and practiced in each small group? Pair students to maximize strengths and provide success. Inform parents This is the main focus!!! Discuss how teachers should use their data to directly assist them in their planning of instruction. Citrus County Schools, Florida

11 How Your Coach Can Help You With Data
Coaches can show you how to administer a test. Your coach can help you analyze the data, identify student strengths and weaknesses. The coach can assist you in planning differentiated instruction based on the data results. Coaches can supply teachers and administrators with research and resources. Coaches are here to help teachers LEARN to use and analyze the various forms of data. Coaches are not assessors, but tools to assist teachers in the assessment and interpretation of data. Coaches can then guide teachers as they learn to plan according to the data results. Citrus County Schools, Florida

12 Citrus County Schools, Florida
“Just Read, Citrus!” Citrus County Schools Resource Guide for Elementary Reading (The “Purple Book”) This guide offers teachers specific resources that align and refine reading assessments. Overview of Assessments pg. 9-10 District Assessment Matrix pg. 11 Diagnostic Measures pg DIBELS Information pg. 15 Houghton Mifflin Assessment Options pg This info is geared to Elementary. Citrus County Schools, Florida

13 Citrus County Schools, Florida
To Conclude… Data is a wonderful tool teachers can use to drive the focus of their instruction. Data results identify specific skills in which students are deficient, on level or excel. Data results inform, identify, and track individual student progress. Overview of information covered. Citrus County Schools, Florida

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