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Welcome To Tully Elementary

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1 Welcome To Tully Elementary
Roberta Tully Elementary College Drive Louisville KY

2 Home of The Tully Tigers

3 Tully has the best teachers in Jefferson County!
The Teachers Tully has the best teachers in Jefferson County!

4 How Clean Is Our Building?
Tully Elementary School is so clean! All day and all week our janitors, like Mr.Tony and Mr. Chris are cleaning the building.

5 Drills Tully students practice these drills for safety. Fire Drills
Tornado Drills Earthquake Drills Stranger Drills

6 Safety On all of the doors in our school there are key pads were you have to type in the code to get in, only the teachers know. So our school can be safe.

7 Great Food!!!!! Tully’s cafeteria food is healthy for you. They give you fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as other healthy food choices.

8 Dress Code Tully students do not wear uniforms, you must dress appropriately. You can’t wear: Flip flops Shirts with bad words Short Shorts Spaghetti straps. You can wear: Tank tops Short sleeves Shorts that come passed your middle finger

9 Field Trips Field trips at Tully Elementary are the best. Here are some of the field trips we go on: Kindergarten- Zoo 1st- Blackacre 2nd- Swimming 3rd- Downtown 4th –Mammoth cave 5th- Dare concert

10 Student Activities Student Council Band and Orchestra
Junior Achievement Conservation Student Technology Leaders Telecast Team Student Job Program AR Reading Program Science Lab Assistants Band and Orchestra Academic Teams Chorus Spelling Bee Career Day D.A.R.E. Cross Country Art Club Jump Rope for Heart Field Day

11 Thunder Over Tully Thunder Over Tully is a celebration before the beginning of CATS testing. We have a D.J. and we go out on the blacktop and dance.

12 Tully’s Playground We have a wonderful playground at Tully Elementary. We have a big field by the playground too where students play football and tag. Our playground is were fun happens!

13 P.E. In P.E. We learn: Practical living Exercises Games Health

14 Science Lab/ Green House
Each class attends once a week Hands on experiments Exploration of scientific processes Cooperative group learning Large greenhouse Students grow a variety of plants and flowers

15 Art and Humanities Mrs. Thornbury is our Art teacher. We learn many things like: The elements and principles of art Drawing, painting, weaving, clay and sculpture Other cultures like American Indian and West African cultures

16 Computer Lab In our computer lab we have fun learning: Keyboarding
Spreadsheets Database Slideshows Word Processing

17 Chorus and ORFF Mrs. Coomer, our music teacher, is also our chorus and ORFF director. This is a popular after school activity. Students in chorus and ORFF sing and play instruments; they also put on performances.

18 Tully’s Media Center Tully’s media center has a large collection of books and magazines. We also have over three thousand quizzes in our Accelerated Reader program. Mrs. Asgari and Mrs. Zilich work hard to keep Tully Tigers reading.

19 Tully’s AcademicTeams
Tully has three academic teams that compete against other schools. For the 2007 Season, our Quick Recall team placed first. Overall we won second place. Problem Solving Written Assessment Quick Recall

20 Student Technology Leaders
This Power Point presentation was created at STLP 2007 Summer Camp at the University of Louisville by Janie Phelps and Kamri Jarvis. Kamri and Janie, June 2007

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