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1 Elementary School BAC Training 2013 FALL TESTING.

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1 1 Elementary School BAC Training 2013 FALL TESTING

2 JCPS TESTING UNIT Jacque Queenan – Assessment Support Technician Tammy Durham – Clerk II Ryan Goepper – Data Management/Research Technician Jessica Lyons – Data Management/Research Technician Donna Heun– Data Management/Research Technician Erica Thompson – District Assessment Coordinator 2

3 Testing Unit location 3001 Crittenden Drive, Building 7 (Entrance just beyond Gate 3 - Kentucky Exposition Center 3

4 4

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6 Topics for Today General Assessment Updates Alternate K-PREP/Alternate Assessment Administration Code Advance Program Testing Administration Code Training Inclusion of Special Populations Training 6

7 General Assessment Updates 7

8 9

9 REQUIRED TESTING FOR SPECIAL POPULATIONS Alternate Assessment (1%) ACCESS for English Language Learners W-APT ESL teachers in 39 schools will train for and administer the required WIDA W-APT this year. This is an effort to test those students who may have been missed by not enrolling through the ESL Intake Center. ESL teachers must keep test materials under single-lock when not in use. Marti Kinnys office is coordinating this effort. ACCESS for ELLS Alternate ACCESS FOR ELLS OTHER TESTING (High Schools/Special Schools should be administering ANY appropriate test(s) in order to assist a student in becoming college/career ready) COMPASS, KYOTE ASVAB, WorkKeys KOSSA, Industry Certifications 10

10 Key Assessment Themes DATA QUALITYcollaborative process between OAA and school/district staff to ensure accurate reporting of test results TEST SECURITYchecks and processes to monitor appropriate administration of state-required tests 11

11 12 Public Data Release Week of Sept. 23-27 PearsonAccess Re- Opens Aug. 14 (Growth included) SDRR Open Aug. 14-27 (New Changes) SDRR Closed Aug. 29 (All Changes Resolved) CCR Spreadsheets Aug. 19-27 School/District Summary Spreadsheets Aug. 19 QC Day for DACs Frankfort Sept. 12 Timeline for Reporting All dates are tentative.

12 Data Quality Accurate student level information Infinite Campus and Student Data Review and Rosters (SDRR) Application Test Rosters Data Review Before public reportingSeptember 23-27 release to schools After public reporting10 days after public release 13

13 Test Security Seating Charts will be required for all state-required test administrations. Seating charts are required for optional tests that will be included in accountability if the test is administered by the school. Testing Unit will collect and maintain in case of potential investigations. Customized seating charts are on our Testing Unit website. 14

14 Administration Code and Inclusion Regulations Training Fall Testing 2013 15

15 Test Security Ensuring training of appropriate school/district staff in testing regulations: Administration Code Inclusion Regulation 2009 versions are the most current. FYI – Regulations being opened for revision this year BUT we will operate under the 2009 version ALL year. Use the Allegation Reporting form again this year to report possible violations of either regulation. 16


17 Administration Code and Test Security Appropriate training required for anyone administering or assisting with any state assessments. Signatures on Administration Code Documentation of training-group signature form provided by Testing Unit. 18

18 Inclusion Regulation 2009 Inclusion of Special Populations Regulation Anyone assisting with testing accommodations must be trained annually Documentation of training-group signature form provided by Testing Unit. 19

19 Alternate Assessment Administration Code and Test Security Appropriate training required for anyone administering Alternate K-PREP (Attainment Tasks/Transition Attainment Record) 20

20 SCHOOL REPORT CARD Kentuckys System for Data Reporting Anticipated release is the week of September 23rd 21

21 22 Opening Page Welcome and Links to Additional Information

22 23

23 Annual Measurable Objective goal (1.0 improvement in Overall Score for below Proficient;.5 improvement for Proficient and above) New labels available with two years of data Progressing and High Progress SRC provides more detail Trend and disaggregated data SRC New for Year 2 24

24 PearsonAccess Reports 25

25 Test Results Published reports are pre-generated reports and data extracts. To view a published report : Go to Test Results > View Published Reports to see a list of available reports. Select District or School from the View By options set. Click the organization name to see a list of reports for that organization. Click the Report Name to view. 26

26 27 26

27 28

28 K-PREP Student Report- Grade 4 29 Performance Levels: N, A, P & D for each subject area District will receive 2 print copies- 1 school copy 1 parent copy

29 K-PREP Student Report- Grade 4 30 29 Lexile® and Quantile® scores National Percentile Ranking Student Growth Percentile- New on report this year (grades 4 – 8 only)

30 K-PREP Student Listing Report-Grade 6 31 Alternate K-PREP students receive a total score

31 K-PREP School Summary Report 32 Status of Reporting Category- New this year

32 Alternate K-PREP Report- Grade 8 33 Attainment Tasks Results

33 Alternate K-PREP Report- Grade 8 34 Transition Attainment Record (TAR) Explore (8), Plan (10) and ACT (11)

34 CIITS Continuous Instructional Improvement Technology System 35

35 CIITS & Assessments Supports classroom formative assessments and district/school benchmark assessments. Contains professional development opportunities. Additional items (~2,000) are under review. Purchased items are correlated(not congruent) to standards. Any item may be edited or changed by a teacher. Formative Item Pool (FIP) from QualityCore End-of-Course is available for the four EOC courses. A teacher/school/district may choose to share their items and tests. Over 150,000 assessments have been created. 36

36 37 ACCESS for ELLs COMPASS KYOTE KOSSA ASVAB WorkKeys Industry Certs. MAP Discovery Education Additional Vendors Soon K-PREP Alternate K-PREP EPAS QualityCore EOC National ACT Growth SAT 10 KDEVendor New Results for Career Coming Soon

37 CIITS Assessment Reports Report Bank contains new pre-formatted reports. Additional reports will be added as more data becomes available, such as K-PREP Longitudinal Reporting and College/Career Ready. Feedback and suggestions are welcome. 38

38 CIITS CONTAINS VALUBLE ENROLLMENT DATA 39 Useful during student accountability work

39 BRIGANCE KINDERGARTEN SCREEN Testing window: 8/5/13 – 10/1/2013 District Contact: Susan Thurman 40





44 Just give us a call or send us an email…. JCPS Testing Unit 485-3388 44

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