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JCPS Work Order Module (WOM) Users Manual

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1 JCPS Work Order Module (WOM) Users Manual

2 Logging Into WOM Enter the JCPS webpage ( from any networked computer Go to “Employees” section, and click on the down-arrow next to “Quick Clicks,” click on “For Employees”, and select “Work Order Module”. You may have to sign on before selecting the Work Order Module. Enter user login and password (same as logins) and click “login” button

3 WOM Login Screen

4 Enter new or check old work orders
At the top of the blue-green toolbar, select either “New-WO” or “WO-List”.

5 Entering New Work Orders
If the User has access to multiple facilities, use the drop down arrow at “School/Location” field to select the correct one. Enter the Problem Location and Description Update the Urgency only for true emergencies Fields at right are optional, including school’s internal tracking numbers Click “Submit” button when ready (Be patient, and do not repeat the submit step. If unsure, check the WO-List in blue-green toolbar at top of page to see if work order was accepted.) For business machines and copiers, please include the make and model #, as well as the Equipment Repair ID# in the problem description. Tell if the Machine is calling for Periodic Maintenance (PM) also.


7 Confirmation Requestor will receive an within minutes to confirm that work order was properly entered into system s will be sent to requestor and building principal as Maintenance Scheduling Unit changes the status s will include a direct link to WOM, so that particulars of work order can be viewed

8 Checking Status Click the “WO-List” in blue-green toolbar to see a list of all work orders for your schools or facilities Use the drop-down boxes at top of page to sort by status and other fields, then click “Refresh” button Click on “View” to the right of a particular work order to see details on that work order.


10 Work Order will fit into one of the following status fields:
New – WO has been entered into WOM Open – Maintenance Scheduling has assigned WO to a shop to be addressed Completed – The work has been done On-hold – Detailed comments should explain the delay Cancelled – Detailed comments should explain why the work was cancelled Closed – All paperwork is complete for the WO

11 Quitting Click on the “X” button in top right-hand of screen to exit WOM and log out Or Click on the “Logout” button Login at any time to check status

12 Extra Tips Always call Safety Emergencies (power outage, gas leak, flood, etc.) into Maintenance Scheduling Unit at for immediate attention Call the same number for help or concerns with WOM

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